What Kind Of Tattoo Should You Get?


One of the most difficult questions in this world! Is it going to reflect your personality? Are you going to regret your decision after you're inked? This essential quiz will help you make better decisions for your future tattoo!

1. Let's begin... Where on your body are you getting a tattoo?

2. You're gonna get something free all your life. What would that be?

3. Which art piece is your favorite?

4. Which class is/was your favorite?

5. Where do you wanna go this summer?

Buenos Aires
Tree Houses in Scotland

6. Which one do you use the most?

7. Pick an animated movie!

8. What do you think about "the pain?"

9. Today is Saturday. What are you doing?

Simple yet eye-catching!

You already know that simplicity is the new cool. For you, simplicity is very important. You should look up geometric tattoos that will show your love for minimalism.

Ideal spots: Back of your neck, inside your lower arm and wrists.

Tattoo of love and commitment!

You're not the local of tattoo shops. You don't actually care about tattoos. All you want to do is to immortalize your love. You're a loyal partner, you can easily spend your whole life with your significant other!

Ideal spots: Ring finger, wrist and lower arms.

Tattoo of your favorite quote!

You're literally a book nerd! You sleep with books. All that you read inspired you to write your own pieces. You are a devoted literature lover! There is nothing better for you than tattooing wise words to your body!

Ideal spots: Arms, back, ankles.

A tattoo that shows your love for nature!

You're in love with nature. Jogging in fresh air, breathing it in and seeing all the beautiful greens is all you need to be happy! You try to make ethical choices from the food you eat to the clothes you wear.

Ideal spots: Inner arms, back, hands, upper leg.

An abstract tattoo with watercolor effect!


You have an eye for all beautiful things. You know about art and aesthetics. You define everything through shades of color. People, life, relationships... These are all colorful inspiration for you! 

Ideal spot: Collar bone, lower arms, inner arms and lower legs.

Tiny symbol!

Let's admit, you're not a tattoo person. However, these tiny tattoos are all over right now. These tattoos are completely innocent. They take everyone's attention by being tiny and cute. You cannot take your eyes of them!

Ideal Spot: Almost anywhere is ok. If you have to choose, back of your neck comes first.

Dynamic and colorful!

You are a party animal! Is it ever possible to see you rest? We don't think so. You create your own opportunities for fun. Your energy inspires and motivates others. This is why you should get something bold and colorful!

Ideal Spot: Upper-lower leg, back, upper arm, collar bone.

Tattoo of Shame!

You are a synonym for impulsive decisions. You do whatever you want. Planning your next day is almost impossible for you. You occasionally regret your decisions for this reason. It's not a surprise that you woke up with a tramp stamp this morning. Wanna book a laser appointment to remove it?

Ideal spot: None :)

All tattoos are good as long as they are tattoos!

Getting inked is a lifestyle for you! This tattoo is not your first and definitely not gonna be your last. If there are any spots left in your body that are not covered with tattoos, you can pick that one. You have no specific choice, from old school to abstract geometrics, all tattoos are okay for you. 

Ideal spot: Wherever is left without ink :)

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