What Kind Of A DJ Would You Be?


As we embrace Spring, it's time to start making your summer festival plans. Thousands of DJs will be all over the world playing tons of different sets. But your heart really goes for one DJ and one style only. Let's find out which DJ you would be if you were behind the mixing table.

1. Let's start slowly. Pick your device!

Beep baap boop
Bring me something physical!
Software, give me more software!

2. Venue! Pick your venue type.

Think big!
Pretty much anywhere
My own stage, my own style
Night clubs, close quarters
From Miami to Ibiza
I rarely go on tours bitch I'm fabulous!

3. Let's change the subject. Which one's more your style?

What style?
Where's the next party yo?
I always choose same

4. Tell us a bit about your personality. Which animal are you?

5. The show or the music? Or both? What do you think?

All out music
It's a show biz after all
Bit o' both
Both and both need to be SO unique

6. How do you get along with people?

Nothing too extreme, normal.
I smile at your face but...
Can't hug everybody for sure

Big guy!

You are the Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas&Like Mike, Armin van Buuren etc. of festivals. Your name means $$$. You are always positive, you LOVE what you are doing and you always look young. You don't mind doing small shows but what you really enjoy is a massive crowd. They have to shout out your name, you have to play your big tunes for them. Your style adapts to your time and you always try new things. You are loyal to your core but you know time flies and so does the trend with it. When you throw your headphones, they are immediately on eBay for thousands of dollars. You party animal you...

Tech savvy (Well, sort of)

You like doing music with your gadgets but you don't like going too deep. You stick to what made you popular and you don't really care how big your crowd is. Big bass drops, dubstep and lots of fast vocals. Your style can be called outdated years later but you know there will be millions out there dying to see you live. Maybe it's time you decided to change a bit and widen your horizon? Skrillex would be your biggest rival!

Cool unlimited

You are rare, people worship your style and you know it. You don't tour often but when you do, it's a global event and tickets are sold out immediately. You like sticking to old stuff and showing people there is still MUCH more to be done with it. You have your own standards, you don't follow a trend, you SET the trend itself. You are very old school but you like mixing it with latest technology stuff and real instruments. Not really have a genre on its own because you are so unique. Daft Punk Jr. is that you? At least make sure you don't tour every 10 years like they do! Is it 2017 YET?!

The real tech savvy and the real badass

You really love messing with what technology offers. A total gear-head. You have your distinctive style and people either like or hate you for it. You have an evil tongue, too. If someone ever tries to mess with you, you really make them regret. You like experimenting with different bass lines, verses, mixing and matching genres. But generally, we know you for your true electronica sounds, social media bitchfights and hilarious videos making fun of other DJs. Such a badass.


You are like Aphex Twin, The Checmical Brothers, Kraftwerk and so on...You don't really care who listens you. You just stick to making music YOU like and you know deep down people will like it at some point. Sometimes we hear pop tunes from you but sometimes it's like that keygen music that goes up to 160 bpm and sounds like an electronic keyboard is going at it in your ear. But hey, people like it and we do like you, too. Stick to your distinctive style and keep doing what you do best! After all, music industry needs fresh and different approaches!

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