What Is Your Most Addictive Feature?

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> What Is Your Most Addictive Feature?

Why do you think people need you in their lives?

What makes you irreplaceable?

Why do people get socially addicted to you? Take the test and find out which addiction you resemble!

1. Let’s start with a critical situation question. Suppose your friend’s partner cheated on him/her, how would you react?

2. What about you? How would you react if your partner cheats on you?

3. Your best friend for life is..

4. Now pick an addictive TV show!

5. How would you rate your current mood from 1 to 6?

6. Now guess how much you mean to your friends!

7. Now this question: Which superhero do you think you resemble?

8. Another situation question: What would you do if your friends made plans without you?

8. Another situation question: What would you do if your friends made plans without you?

9. Our last question is a little weird! If the lives of the people around you were keyboards, which button would you be?

An addiction like adrenaline!

You have an effect like adrenaline on people. It’s logical for them to hesitate getting close to you and maybe treat you like an outsider at the beginning because you have a spooky mood and you're very independent. You’re unusual, which makes it harder for people to get close to you. It’s like free diving from a mountain, but once they feel closer to you, you blow their mind and make them lose control. The exact definition of your effect on people is: infinite pleasure mixed with fear. A crazy maniac like you deserves this effect, in fact :)

An addiction like nicotine!

You influence people like nicotine. Which means : ‘Life can’t go on without you.” They inhale you; there's no way that they can live without you. But what is the thing that makes you irreplaceable? You’re a true listener, since listening is the biggest thing that most people pretend to do. You bring up solutions to their lives, but you also burn like a cigarette while trying extremely hard to make their lives better.

An addiction like alcohol!

An addiction like alcohol!

People get addicted to you like they do to alcohol. Do you know why people love you that much? Because you definitely understand them, every single time! You know how to approach people very well and never force them to talk about their problems. Like a painkiller, you can adjust the mood you should be in. Serious talks, having fun, just silence, you have them all!  Let us take a shot of you! :)

An addiction like an antidepressant!

An addiction like an antidepressant!

You’re like an antidepressant; you know about psychology more than anyone else, which makes you irreplaceable.. People listen to your words because you have proven character analysis abilities, and you always have a point. You’re also logical and wise which makes your advice trustworthy. You’re a true psychologist and never struggle to get into people’s minds.

An addiction like chocolate!

People love you like they love chocolate. They can’t get enough of your fun, full of life and sympathetic personality. You’re the best cure to depression. If someone feels down, it’s recommended to take a dose of you. Hanging out with you is like eating the thing that gives the most pleasure in this world- chocolate!

An addiction like marijuana!

An addiction like marijuana!

People get addicted to you like they do to marijuana. You make people relaxed and chill, for sure, because you’re the most down-to-earth person in the world and you reflect this feature of you to the people around you. You’re cheerful, but you have a melancholic side also, which is just visible to the people that truly know you. Your worse feature is that you do ‘tripping’ a lot, which actually proves that you’re fragile.