What Is The Color Of Your Aura?


An aura is a magnetic field around the human body. Only experts can tell what color your aura is. You're lucky, we got your back :)

Take this quiz to find out the color of your Aura!

1. Where do you feel better?

Flower Garden
Night Club
Right by the fireplace
On a mountain
A quiet place

2. Whom do you prefer to be with you?

3. A happy day should include:

4. Pick something delicious!

5. What was the last thing you read?

6. Which vehicle is the best?

What is a vehicle anyway?

7. Pick your favorite music genre!

8. Which activity is your favorite?

9. Pick a famous person you want to meet!

Jim Carrey
Dalai Lama
Family Guy
Lionel Messi
Karl Lagerfeld
Lady Gaga
J. K. Rowling
Freddie Mercury
The love of my life

10. Energetic Red!


You live and breathe love. However, you live your feelings very deeply, both love and hate. Your energy is always high. You can't stop. You're also passionate and rational. Some might find this childish, but this doesn't mean that they don't like you. You're fun fun fun!

11. Born Comedian, Orange!


People lose themselves around you because you constantly make jokes. Your bright mind is unstoppable. You are also a compassionate person. You'll make a good parent someday, we are sure!

12. Optimist Yellow!


First things first, you are an optimist. You're almost too naive to understand if someone is playing behind your back. This doesn't mean that you don't see what is going on around you. You see everything, but you always want to see the good in things.

13. Mother Nature, Green!


If something is alive, it is worth loving! You're in love with nature. A walk in the forest is where you feel most peaceful. You are best friends with all animals. Cat or dog, there is no difference. People with green auras are also humanists. That's why they choose to become teachers or nurses to be able to help others.

14. Emotional Blue!


Your sixth sense is very strong. Some read, others travel to find out about things. You don't need neither of them. Your senses help you all the time. You don't like conflict, being in them is like hell for you. You also love discovering new places. Travelling makes you peaceful. You're generous and calm just like the color blue.

15. Mysterious much, Purple!


You're like the Pandora's Box! Mystery is all over you. Your friends and family are used to surprises. Also, purple aura refers to wisdom and healing power. Because your energy is high, your hands carry healing energy. You're like the shaman of modern times :) Other personality traits: idealism and creativity!

16. Experienced soul: Silver!


Silver aura stands for experience and wisdom. This is the reason why you are mature and calm. These traits make you a reliable person around your friends and family. You're the lord of advice! Your best jobs include consulting, such as a therapist or an HR manager.

17. Shine bright like Gold!


You're very unique because you're rare, like gold! Your lifestyle is amazing. However, you sometimes go through difficult times when you cannot control your temper. You always find yourself in long fights and arguments. This is caused by your high energy. Don't blame this energy though, it is reason behind your success!

18. Blackest Black!


People with black auras usually have difficult life conditions. You lose your temper easily. All that you do is create problems. This is caused by your compelling past. Don't worry, the black aura is a passing phase. When you get rid of your problems, your true aura will come out!

19. So fresh, so clean: White!


White aura stands for intelligence and beauty. You're open to new ideas, people and experiences. We must say that you're out of this world. You're used to compliments, and people know you for the goodness you have. Your good spirit has been with you since the day you were born. You are a nice, peaceful spirit; there is nothing we can do about it!

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