What Does Your Partner Actually Hate About You?


Do you really believe your gf/bf thinks that you’re flawless? Well, it’s not always easy to tell negative things about your partner, right? But our quiz will tell you what others can’t, if you’re brave enough to face it!

1. Which one describes you the best?

2. What do you like the most about your gf/bf?

He/she has crazy ideas and is able to surprise me every time.
He/she makes me laugh
He/she is understanding
His/her matureness

3. Suppose it’s your birthday, how would you want to celebrate?

4. Check these out. Which one describes your relationship the most?

5. You invited your friends over for dinner and your bf/gf is putting all the effort in the kitchen. How would you help?

Help with the easy things.
All I can do is to prepare the table.
I would give clues about the meal she/he is making.
Entertain our guests.

6. Which age would you want to go back to if you had the chance to go back in time?

To 3-4, life with no problems
Around 11
Absolutely to my youth, high-school years!
I’m happy now, don’t want to go back to anywhere.

7. When do you hate people the most?

When they’re two-faced.
When they’re selfish.
When they’re grumpy and want to fight about everything.
When they give boring talks.

8. Finally, describe yourself with one word!

Little miss stubborn!

Yes, we’re talking about you. Calm down, don’t start to argue right away! You need to admit it. You’re that person who insists on everything he/she wants and never steps back. You never wait for things to calm down and never give up on something that you think is right. Of course, this shows that you have a strong character but it’s always good to meet halfway in your relationships. So it would be very beneficial if you explain yourself and listen to what your partner is saying before you refuse everything!

You lazy ass!

First, you need to understand that being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’ll do all the work. Yes, it would be normal if you share the responsibilities but you’re not doing sh*t! You don’t like chores, you’re too lazy to go out, you would lay down on the couch all day, but do you think your bf/gf is ready to struggle with this? You should prefer to be a little more active for your partner, we think. Stop being a lazy f*ck.

Cute.. but grumpy. BUT CUTE!

You’re actually really warm-hearted and cool. However, your perfectionism makes you grumpy when things are not the way you want them to be. You get annoyed when people make mistakes and you’re not afraid to show it; especially to your gf/bf! Plus, you get upset when your life is not extremely perfect, but is it your partner’s fault? Of course not. She/he is always trying to make you happy, but you’re too busy being pessimistic about everything. Let us tell you something, this kind of a relationship won’t last long. You need to start being positive, ASAP!

Your excess energy!

You really have an endless energy and it's sometimes too much for your partner, just saying. It’s great that you’re full of life and energy, but this makes it harder to catch you up. Especially your bf/gf may find it harder to reach your energy level. You want your partner to be next to you all the time, but your relationship will be more balanced if you share the energy you have with ALL the people around you, not just with your partner!

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