What Does Your Dominant Hand Say About You?


Being a lefty or righty doesn't matter, but our hands can tell a lot about us! Take the test to find out what your dominant hand says about your personality.

1. Which eye do you wink with?

Left eye
Right eye
It depends on the light.

2. Which of your arms stays on top when you cross your arms?

Left arm
Right arm

3. Which hand do you use to open up jars?


4. With what arm do you start stretching exersizes?

Always right one
It depends on which arm needs stretching the most
Always left one

5. Which arm do you wear your watch on?

Left, like everyone else?
I dont wear a watch.

6. Which hand do you hold a knife with while eating?

Im confused right now.

7. Do you accidentally bump into people while walking?

A lot!
Nope, never.

100% righty!!

You are a true righty!!!  First of all, you are nice, fun and friendly. Just because 90% of the world population is right handed doesn't mean you are just like every other right handed person. You are intelligent and smart. The way you see  the world will always help you move forward in life.

90% righty, 10% lefty!

Being able to use your left hand while being right handed has numerous advantages!! Even though your smart and result oriented side outweighs, your emotional and artistic side is also developed. Using both sides of your brain will always make you more alert and quick-witted, that's for sure.

90% left handed, 10% right handed

There is nothing better than the left-handed people being able to use their right hands as well. You solve every intelligently and objectivity even though you are more artistic and emotional; which makes you a great listener and a problem solver.

100% lefty!

You are a true lefty. The common characteristics of left handed people is having high level of IQ, being creative and being able to multitask. You need to be proud of yourself. Your ability of abstract thinking always leads you to choose the different way; which makes you a total leader!

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