What Chess Piece Are You?


How can a board game be so much like real life? Well, chess has been played by millions of people for hundreds of years and it taught us a lot about life, war, and survival in a world full of hierarchical social stratifications. Now it’s time for you to find out which piece suits you the most. Are you the King, or are you an intellectual and wise Bishop? Are you a pawn whose work and qualities have been underrated all their life, or are you a warrior Knight?

1. First of all, would you prefer white or black?

It doesn't matter.

2. You’ve decided to go to the movies with your friends. You’re waiting outside the movie theater and the film started 15 minutes ago. Your friend hasn’t come yet. What would you do?

I’d wait for them 5 minutes more, then go inside.
F*ck them. I’m going in.
We’d be watching the trailers for 15 minutes anyway...
They said they’re coming. They will.

3. You’re a soldier and your friend is wounded in battle. What would you do?

I’d leave him behind, he’d slow us down.
I’d end his pain. It’s better for him to die rather than be captured by the enemy.
I’d protect him. And I wouldn’t stop fighting either.
I’d take him somewhere safe, of course.

4. You’re on the way to a friend’s house and you get lost. What would you do?

I’d go on walking. I’ll find my direction sooner or later..
I’d call my friend and ask for the directions.
I’d call them to pick me up.

5. You’re walking down the road and come across a puddle. What would you do?

I’d step in it and enjoy the mess :)
I’d jump over.
I’d walk through it.
I’d walk around the puddle.

6. Now choose a chessboard. Which one do you think is the nicest?

7. Now let us know about your decision process a bit…

Instinctive and rational

8. Like a pawn, you came through all the way to the top and became the queen. What would you do first?

Becoming the best is not that important, staying the best is what counts. So I’d make major, radical decisions.
I wouldn’t forget where I came from.
I’d destroy my opponents.

9. The last question: What kind of a social status would you prefer?

An ordinary person.
An upper class person.

It’s the Pawn!


You’d be a pawn if you were a chess piece. You’re definitely a people person. You’re loyal, easygoing and a little wretched, to be honest. However, you must know that you’re being underrated. They think they can control you, and they sacrifice you so easily, BUT, it’s their fault, not seeing the true value of you. First you have to see your qualities before waiting for others to realize them.

It’s the Bishop!


You’d be the bishop if you were a chess piece. Among many other qualities, what makes you so special is your acute mind. You’re strategic, analytical and rational, but you also know taking risks when necessary. Your deep intellect combined with elegance is your trademark. You may, however, be unstable sometimes. In other words, you may not seem like it, but you’re full of surprises!

It’s the Knight!


You’d be a knight if you were a chess piece. At first, you may seem like you’re overhasty or militant, but in fact you’re a lot different than that. You’re aware that deep inside you’re a pacifist and you like the order rather than a constant state of war. They might think that you’re being random all the time, but in fact what you do is to go slowly and steadily. You’re like Pandora’s box! That is why people can never be sure how to behave around you.

It’s the Rook!


You’d be a rook if you were a chess piece. You’re protective, nurturing and very helpful. You’re so merciful and full of love for your loved ones, but terrifying and cruel to your enemies. Well, that’s what you have to do to protect your family and your friends. Also, your self confidence is as high as the sky. You love the routine, don’t really enjoy long journeys. In fact, all the others are the guests, and you’re the host!

It’s the King!


You’d be the king if you were a chess piece. You’re an inborn leader. You have a personality that combines many seemingly opposite qualities. For instance, you’re very merciful, but you can be the most cruel person on the face of the earth if necessary! You don’t care what people say or do to each other, you look at the consequences, the result is what matters to you. Being a leader requires objectivity and a strong sense of justice and there's no doubt that you have both!

It's the Queen!


You’d be the queen if you were a chess piece. Leaders, kings, and emperors think that they rule the countries. Funny, because they don’t. Who actually rules is the secondary person standing just next to the king, I mean it’s you! You’re more intelligent than most of the people around. You’re so wise that you have no problem admitting and valuing others’ intellect. Besides, others talk, but you DO. Also, you’re independent. It’s impossible for others to control or manipulate you.

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