What A Gift! A Mexican Women Removed Her Belly Button To Give Her Boyfriend As Present!


Body modification fanatic Paulina Casillas Landeros underwent the painful surgery to 'dehumanise herself in a symbolic way' - but she now regrets it.

23-year-old Paulina Casillas Landeros from Mexico did not get along with her family because they disapproved her life style.

She has several tattoos and body modifications such as a back corset and a split tongue and the family wasn't happy with those.

One day she decided to remove her belly button as it is 'what makes us human'.

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Young woman underwent a serious transformation and removed her belly button and gave it to her boyfriend.

But following years, she has made up with her family and eventually regrets her decision.

She describes her act as 'reckless' and 'impulsive'.

'I have always had problems with my family, I was not very close to them at the time.' she said.

She added: "I was very angry, I wanted to cut all unions from everything and everyone. I wanted to dehumanise myself in a symbolic way, I wanted to do something controversial."

After accepting her bad idea, she regrets it because she puts herself in her mum's position and thinks that it must have been devastating for her.

She said: 'If I could go back in time, I wouldn't do it again, it was impulsive, reckless and I hurt a lot of people.'

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