Vet Dressed Up As Mouse To Help Anxious Dog And It's The Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen!


A caring vet dressed up as a giant mouse to calm a nervous dog wearing cone of shame!

A caring vet, Mike Farrell dresses up in a giant pink onesie-style mouse costume to calm a dog who needed an operation.

Because the rescue dog doesn’t like strangers coming near him.

He was very protective and showed signs of aggression when vet tried to touch him.

He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament problems and needed a surgery.

Owner Sonya came up with an idea and brought a furry mouse romper which is smell like her.

Sonya said: "When I adopted Rupert from Dogs Trust a couple of years back he had some quite serious guarding issues and aggression, which we believe were pain associated. It took a year for him to bond with me after his rehoming, at which point he developed separation anxiety if I left him."

And it worked! Look how cute they are...

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