This Test Will Reveal Whether You’re An Introvert Or Extrovert!


Have you ever wondered where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum? These triangles will reveal which one you are! Take the test to find out your personality type!











You are an ambivert. Not an extrovert or an introvert; you're something in between and have a little of both. You have some good social environments that you really like and also enjoy doing certain things by yourself. You enjoy meeting and spending time with new people, but you always make time for yourself also. One day you want to be at a crowded birthday party, the other day you want to stay home and watch TV series all day. It’s a very good thing for your professional life. You’re successful at teamwork and do a great job alone as well. You have many shades in your soul that gives you the ability to adapt to any environment.


You enjoy spending time alone more than hanging out with other people. You prefer reading your book with a cup of tea over a party that you can dance like crazy. Extremely loud and bright places are not for you. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you’re shy, though. Apparently, you can easily adapt to unexpected situations way faster than people around you. For you, having a small but a quality number of people in your life is much more important than dealing with a bunch of different people every day. When you want to trust someone, you also want them to trust you. You plan everything ahead and act accordingly. You’re pretty happy in your own world, a place that you built with a great effort! Good for you!


Your whole energy comes from the people around you! You’re pretty excited, cheerful, talkative and fun in your social life. You like to have the attention when you get together with your friends. You’re a typical extrovert who doesn’t like to spend time alone and look for people to be around. This social characteristic of you is with you in your professional life also; you love teamwork and become more productive when you’re with other people. You can be a really successful team leader. You deal with a lot of dilemmas in your life and usually don't spend much time to decide. No matter the result is, you’re able to say ‘It’s my decision’, which proves how strong your personality is. You’re the source of fun in your friend group!

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