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This Test Reveals The Style Icon Within You!

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First one, nice and easy. Which outfit will you pick if you were just meeting a few friends?

Just when you were about to leave, you realized your shoes were dirty. What's your reaction?

Which accessory makes your heart beat faster? <3

You have to wear a black dress for an event. Which black dress style is more for you?

When you and your arch enemy wear the same clothes...How would you react?

Which cutie cutie shoes you'd go for?

Lastly, which handbag would you comfortably carry around?

Audrey Hepburn's elegance and style is within you!

Timeless, well crafted and quality pieces...Your name comes to mind when someone speaks of elegance. Carefully picked items and eye catching accessories are your signature points. Even if you had to get ready for an unexpected event, you don't panic. Because you always but always have the required items in your wardrobe, waiting to be picked. A lovely scarf, black shoes, quality shirt and fashionable coat are always in your collection. Audrey Hepburn would be proud!

It's so easy for you to make your style even more unique by adding a few small pieces.

Gigi Hadid's sporty but classy style!

You always want to live your life to its bullest! Stylish jeans, skirts, sweats, casual shirts, colorful shawls are your "to go" items. You love being energetic and spreading all that energy. You're almost like the sun! You make people happier and feel lively. Any item in your wardrobe would prove us. Didn't hear it from us, but we think you're already a trendsetter on your own! 

You can keep spreading your energy by easily picking out a new bag and a trendy tshirt or even a brand new skirt!

Kate Middleton's chic and sophisticated minimal style!

Effortless style? Here you are...You know how to get there and what it takes to get there. You use similar shades to create a plain but yet so clean style. No strong, vibrant patterns. Oversize and loose cuts as well as some masculine items are always in your collection. You can always go and add that touch of color to your style. As long as you look after the color range, you are always but always stylish!

Taylor Swift's romantic style!

Romance requires being delicate. The depths of your fragile soul is reflected upon your style...Feminine details always have some hidden clues about your personality. Curves, smooth silhouettes and romantic patterns are a must for you. An elegant tunic, blouse and skirt. Maybe a dress with simple patterns and pastel colors, natural shoes and bags are always in your collection. No wonder why everyone treats you like a princess everywhere you go! 

You can easily combine a trending tone with a jewellery and add a stylish skirt and shawl to complete a look.

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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