This Tattoo Artist Restores Our Faith In Humanity!


An artist from New Zealand, named Benjamin Lloyd, took a great step to give sick kids self confidence and help them feel awesome. Check out these pictures we gathered from Dailymail to see the story of a man with a good heart for yourselves.


1. New Zealand 'airbrushing' artist gives sick kids fake tattoos to cheer them up a little bit.

2. Lloyd shared a video of himself giving a close friend's kid a tattoo, and commented that he would go to the Starship Children's Hospital and give tattoos to all the kids who wanted one, if he got 50 likes for the video.

3. The video, which was on his social media account, went viral and got more than 400,000 likes the following day!

4. "I'm off to starship" he posted, and got rolling. The kids at the hospital loved their tattoos.

5. Lloyd uses natural, chemical-free ink for the tattoos and can finish a tattoo in 10 minutes.

6. Lloyd came up with the idea of inking kids up when he remembered the days he was bullied by other kids because of a burn scar he had on his hand.

"I was teased all the time because of the burn scar I had, so I used to hide my hand in my sleeve" he said. 

7. He is getting lots of praise and appreciation on social media for his incredible work.

8. Everyone is grateful to this kind-hearted man, including the kids, who loved their tattoos, and their parents, as well as the people working at the hospital.

9. Here, you can watch the first video he shared!

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