This Portable Eco-Friendly House Can Move With Its Owners!


Housing and energy-efficiency are two of the biggest problems of the modern world. And a company from Estonia has a solution to both!

Meet KODA!

KODA is a movable concrete house which is also solar-powered and designed in a way that enables assembly in less than seven hours, and disassembly in four.

It's one of the nine finalists shortlisted for the Small Project Prize at the World Architecture Festival.

KODA is made of mainly concrete, but the factory-made parts can be easily broken down.

Containing a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, the house is 260 square feet when assembled.

It can become whatever you want... A city center home, a lakeside summer house, a cozy café, an office, workshop or studio, or even a classroom.

Its design provides the inspiration to make best use of every square inch of space and envisage how the built-in components, even the walls, can be adjusted to meet their purpose effectively.

With solar panels on the roof, KODA returns more power to the grid than it uses. Features like these mean that little or no energy is wasted.

Materials are also used sustainably. For example, the construction of one unit requires as little as 9 m³ of concrete and, at the end of its life, components can be disassembled and reused easily.

Designers of KODA say "Air in a KODA house is clean and always kept at the right level of humidity. The finishing materials used are completely non-toxic."

"The amount and tone of light can be adjusted to suit our natural senses and pace of life. Noise, dust, bacteria, cold weather, winter gloom and summer heat are all kept outside thanks to the sturdy door, quadruple glazing and vacuum-insulated concrete walls. Red eyes, dry skin, environmental stress and any foggy thinking caused by excessive amounts of carbon dioxide are also a thing of the past."

Forget about the restrictions of conventional housing:

"... houses and apartments can’t be moved - but KODA can. KODA is free-standing, not fixed to the ground, and its design and structure allow it to be assembled and disassembled many times over."

Thanks to its solid structure a KODA house can be assembled on different surfaces

Gravel, asphalt and others... No need for additional work of digging up the ground and laying foundations. All KODA needs is a level footing and connection points for water, electricity and sewerage.

You can decorate it the way you want!

Upstairs, there's a lofted full-size bed.

KODA has everything you need in a home: a living space, bathroom and a kitchen.

The kitchen has an oven, stovetop, drawers, and cabinets. On the right side of the kitchen, a door leads to a bathroom with a toilet ...

At the moment, it is planned to be sold only in Estonia

...  for 95,000 dollars per unit.

But its been short-listed for best small project at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin

Which means KODA will get more famous, and who knows, maybe we won't have to wait so long to have it elsewhere!

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