Think You're Smart?! Only 150+ IQ Gets To The End Of This Quiz!


Do you think you are intelligent?

Are you looking for answers in the deepest corners of your brain?

How is your visual, mathematical and linguistic memory?

Yes, this one is a real challenge..

1. Starting with an easy one. What should be on "?". The answer is not 6!


2. How many girls are there in this photo?


3. Another easy question. What is the result of this one?


4. Let's start challenging you a bit. When James is looking at a mirror, if he holds his left ear with his right hand; his reflection in the mirror holds the right ear with the left hand. True or false?


5. Another mind bending question! A woman is weeping at a grave. The mother of the one who lays in the grave is the mother in law of the mother of the weeping woman. What is the relationship between the weeping woman and the one who lays in the grave?

Sister in law
Co sister in law
Aunt in law

6. What would 4 and 7's mixture look like?

7. What should be on "???" ?

8. How many triangles are there?

9. Try to solve this question which appeared on the MENSA IQ test!

Only by using 3 numbers below, how many combinations are there to reach 21? 

You can use all the numbers more than once. 

 0 3 5 6 10 12 15

10. What is the name of the situation when you can't recognize or notice the details of something and senselessly eliminate information?


11. Are you good at math? What is the possibility of the thief being red nosed?


Clown Thief

The clowns of Bozo College are shocked. A thief has stolen 873 balloons and the broken balloon pump. Fortunately, there is a witness. According to the witness, the clown was wearing the clothes of the Bozo College and he had a red nose. Following the results of the previous research, witnesses have the ability to guess the nose color 80% of the time. In addition, it is known that 85% of the Bozo College clowns have blue noses and the rest have red noses.

What is the possibility of thief having a red nose? (Here, we assume that the witness is right about their claim.)

12. The final question will blow your mind! Which one of the below is true?

c) h is true.
g) h is false.
e) All of the below are true.
b) All of these are false.
d) b is true.
a) All of these are true.
f) All of the above are true.
h) All of the above are false.

It was the first question :(

How come? You failed on the first question. We think that you are not having a good day. You wouldn't do this on a normal day. Don't worry, let your mind rest for a while and give it another try!

It seems like you are confused!

What happened to you? Why are you so confused? You probably had a hard time concentrating on the quiz. No worries! It happens to all of us. Give the quiz another go, we are sure that you'll be fine!

Your mind just slipped out for a moment!

It felt like you'd be able to complete the quiz after answering these two questions, but unfortunately you couldn't do it. You seemed very focused in the beginning, but a glitchy moment in your mind has caused you to give wrong answers. Don't give up so easily. give it another try!

This is unacceptable!

When things started to get serious, you had problems carrying your mind to the next level. We all go through these moments. Try it again, let's go!

Okay, this question was quite complicated!

Don't be hard on yourself, friend! The last question was really mind boggling and challenging. It's normal that you got confused when relatives and ambiguity got together. Don't forget to give it another go!

Don't do this!

You were doing great! What happened? If you consider that the following questions are much more difficult than the previous ones, you'll do better than this. Come on, take it from the start!

You're breaking our heart :(

You promised to be more careful this time. You can't give up now! One more try?

Whoa! We're shocked!

You just passed the breaking point of this quiz! You somehow misinterpreted the last question and you failed. Don't let mistakes take you away from your path. The important thing is to fail better! Why are you waiting? Take the quiz, now!


Yes, things got out of control but isn't this what it's all about? Everybody can complete easy tasks. It is the difficult tasks that show the real intelligence. GO GO GO! Give it another try!

Are you okay?

You're doing great, many failed to reach this question. Only the ones who are in great harmony with their minds are left - The ones who don't like to lose! You can do this!

Almost there!

It's hard to describe. You're just one step away from seeing the last question. You proved yourself to us! Give it another try, we're sure that you're gonna make it this time!

Pls, don't :(

It was the last question... Don't worry, if you got this far, you can do it! Be patient, you're gonna do it next time!

You are a true genius, my friend!

Here's an example of a great mind. You definitely know how to use your brain. You have an ability to observe and analyse everything around you. Your brain is able to comprehend even the most abstract things. You don't only understand what is given to you, you're also capable of detecting all the possibilities. Apart from these, details have significant importance for you. We admire your brain and intelligence, you genius!

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