These 24 Examples Of Intography Will Take You On A Journey Through Time!

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Orhun Türker, an artist from Turkey, has been working with the intography technique. This one is his third project and his earlier work appeared in magazines including but not limited to Photoline and 362 life.

For those who don't know: intography is a collage technique including putting together old photos of cities and scenes with the new photos shot at the same angle.

The photos you will see were taken Bolu, a city in northwestern Turkey, and according to Wikipedia, "it's an important midpoint between the capital, Ankara and the largest city in the country, Istanbul. It covers an area of 7,410 km², and the population is 271,208."

1. County Headquarters

2. County headquarters

3. Ataturk monument

4. Ataturk monument

5. Ataturk monument

6. Izzet Baysal Boulevard

7. Izzet Baysal Boulevard


9. Yıldırım Beyazid Mosque

10. Izzet Baysal Boulevard

11. Izzet Baysal Boulevard

12. Izzet Baysal Boulevard


14. Ataturk Monument

15. Ataturk Monument

16. Monumental Park

17. Province Headquarters

18. Municipality

19. Celebrations for April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day

20. Izzet Baysal Boulevard

21. Izzet Baysal Boulevard

22. Izzet Baysal Boulevard

23. Izzet Baysal Boulevard

24. Firebrigade

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