The Oldest Woman In The World Celebrated Her 117th Birthday!


Although there are a lot of people born on November 29th; there is only one person who celebrated their 117th birthday. Emma Morano, who lives in Vercelli, Italy is the last and only person who was born in the 1800s who is still alive. When Emma was born in 1899, England was still at war with the white people of South Africa. WWI was five years later. She was 28 when television was invented. She literally witnessed history firsthand!

But what is her secret? Emma, who put her name as the only living person who was born in the 19th century, told her secret to AFP News Agency. We have compiled her tips for those who love life and want to live long from Boredpanda.

First of all, Happy 117th Birthday, Emma!

Such a long life! Who knows what kind of experiences it is full of! While everyone can only speak about the 80s and 90s, she can talk about a whole century. We wonder how that must feel!

But what's Emma's secret to such a long AND happy life?

When Emma was 20, she started eating two eggs per day upon her doctor's advice and that has become her tradition. Now, she has been eating two eggs per day for 97 years.

She also loves cookies. We are pretty sure she had some for her 117th birthday!

We complicate our own lives. The secret of a long and happy life is this simple. Happy birthday, again, Emma!

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