The Newest Thing: A 'Kindness Bank' Opens In Russia


A group of Russian activists came up with an amazing idea! They started a project to motivate people to help each other. The project is called Pavel Sanayev, Russian novelist, and film director is one of the participants of this project, too!

There are banknote-like "thank you" coupons in These coupons say "thank you" in many different languages and you can buy these at a specific price and send them to people you are grateful for!

Or to charities...

According to the news on Sputnik, the profit made from these coupons is donated to charities.

And that's how you not only get a chance to say and to be said 'thank you' to, but also to help charities.

It is nice to get something more than just words.

Pavel Sanayev explained how the project was born: “So we started making short films about this project and online we founded this website called Then we found an investor from Switzerland who bought 20% of the project and with the help of this money we hired very well educated web constructors who actually created this system.” 

He also adds that because they started this project very recently, only 200 people know about it. “It is nice when someone gives you more than just words and you have from them something which actually looks like a souvenir,” Sanayev said. 

Talking about the future of this project, he said that, “We would like to see our tickets all over the world.” 

He also mentioned that they have already donated some of the profit to charities!

The world needs more of this uniting, loving, and caring mentality!

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