The Doctor Who Fell Asleep After 28 Hours Of Work Totally Wins The Internet!


The medical profession is as tiring as it is difficult. They work night day working to save lives. Though many people accuse them of sleeping while the patients are waiting, we know this is not the case. According to Boredpanda, this doctor fell asleep in a hospital corridor in China. After 5 successful operations, it seems like he deserved a goodnight's sleep!


Surgeon Luo Heng performed 5 operations over a total of 28 hours.

He did two emergency surgery’s overnight and then 3 more the following morning.

After his extremely long shift, Heng was captured sleeping on the hospital floor.

The pic was posted on a Chinese social media site called Weibo and ever since people have been praising him for his dedication to work.

It’s not the first time we have seen pics of doctors sleeping at work but we must say, after 28 hours of work, Doctor Heng sure deserved a nice nap!


Doctors who fell asleep in the operating room after 4 operations.

These doctors were also criticized on social media.

The doctors are accused of sleeping while patients are waiting, but...

We usually see photographs of sleeping doctors who work continuously for up to 30 hours.

Considering that even a successful heart surgery can last more than 20 hours.

We thank the devoted doctors who work for our lives!

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