Story Of Charles Manson: America's Most Psychopathic Serial Killer!


Sometimes we hear stories that are impossible to believe could be true. What can cause a person to be so violent and inhumane? Are people born that way or is it their environment? 

This one is, unfortunately, a true and gory story involving Charles Manson getting someone else to kill a pregnant woman and take the baby out of the dead mom's body.

Imagine a serial killer who has thousands of fans because of the murders he committed and conspired to.

Thanks to a couple of bumper sticker slogans, he was thought to be the philosopher of the century and had thousands of followers.

His name is Charles Manson.

He conspired and committed tens of violent murders. He is an example of how wrong and bad a person can become.

Just like many serial killers, he too had a tough childhood. He lost 'the right way' after his parents went to jail

He started manifesting his twisted nature at an early age. He even attacked older kids just to get his ass kicked, and that is messed up.

Manson, who was convicted of writing forged checks, human trafficking, drugs, etc; says that that's how he learned to get into people's heads.

He had close relationships with tens of people in prison over the years. He impressed them by exploiting their weaknesses. However, there are also many people who can see through the fancy but empty things he said.

He continued manipulating others after getting out of prison.

For example, he started a family with a girl who was isolated by others because 'she was ugly' by paying compliments to her. That's how she fell for him.

The Manson family…

A family which was all about racism, Vietnam War, drugs, sex, and bullshit words that sound deep and philosophical but mean nothing.

Everything started to go south when Manson became greedy for attention and recruited some young women.

He already had 4 mistresses when he wanted to extend the family.  And as a result, a utopia turned into a dystopia.

More people, more expenses, and more thefts because of unemployment...

He joined gangs to afford drugs in order to keep more people in line, had to find a bigger house, and resorted to violence to meet the needs of his family.

And then sh*t got out of control.

After seeing the rebellion of black people in the news, he created a theory named "Helter Shelter," according to which, there would be a race war in the country and that African Americans would kill all white people.

When things didn't go the way he expected and predicted, he took matters in his own hands. He took action to prove his theory true by starting the war himself.

Such inhumanity...

Five members of the Manson 'family' broke into Roman Polanski’s house and killed five people including the director's actress wife, Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time.

Her death was one the most violent ones.

Susan Atkins, one of the followers of Manson, stabbed Sharon Tate 16 times and removed the baby using her knife.

Click to see.

Manson and his followers also wrote provocative words with their victims' blood on the walls before leaving the scene.

Manson and his followers didn't stay idle after slaughtering Sharon Tate.

They also murdered around 30 other people including the entirety of the Hinman and Labianca families.

Most of the family members found out about that later.

Because Susan Atkins, the most annoying member of the family, was obsessed with bragging about her 'success.'

It was very easy for Manson to encourage these people to kill.

They had lots of cocaine and 'bullshit' ideas: like life and death are the same, thus you can't be guilty of killing someone; after all, we are all both guilty and innocent.

The murders were solved and Manson was arrested in 1969.

He was first put on trial to be execution but then ended up being sentenced to a life sentence.

He gained more and more fans thanks to his remarks, such as “Look down at me and you see a fool, look up at me and you see a god, look straight at me and you see yourself.”

And he is still doing it!

Here is his answer to the question "Who are you?"

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