Sex Robots Will Feel Human Touch With A New Smart Skin Technology!


Sex robots will soon be able to 'feel' a human’s touch with a new 'smart skin' technology!

The latest development make sex-related technology more natural.

Sex robots will be able to feel human touch and it will make the sexual interactions between humans and sex robots more realistic.

The new smart-skin technology is similar to a laptop touchpad in the way it works.

It has lots of tiny sensors and it will detect the position of the person's touch.

Gomes, from Brazil, explained to the Sun Online: "I explored the possibility of integrating this sensor with sex robots by attaching it to any body part, beneath the silicone skin.

Smart skin is cheap to make but the process is pretty expensive and troublesome.

So the dolls won't be the cheapest items to buy.

According to Business Leader, the sex robot industry is one of the largest growing in the world and it is now worth £24billion ($30.1billion).

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