Science Explains: Can Long Term Couples Overcome The Sex Rut?


Is popular culture's relationship perception affecting us negatively? We don't know if humans are meant to be monogamous or not. But, sex rut in long-term relationships is a fact and it's affecting us negatively. Let's see what scientists have to say about it...

Researchers from Toronto University were successful at clarifying some parts of this subject.

How is sex in long term relationships? Is it like in the movies and books?

Sadly, no. It looks like monogamy opposition is growing in our society, probably for this reason...

To put it simple, "Why should I give up the thrill of other people for one man/woman?"

This might give people a feeling of relief but it's not the solution.

The research shows that a happy sex life in long term relationships is connected to solving problems and being clear on sex expectations.

Like everything else, communication is the key.

"Are we soulmates? Is he/she the right one?"

Jessica Maxwell who ran the research on more than 1900 people realized that people who don't depend on the terms like 'soul mate' have better sex lives.

Sex life =/= Relationship

The danger with this concept is that it puts the relationship in a destiny-based limited box.

In relationships like this, people tend to break up whenever the sex life is not going good.

Like they can't find a way or work it out...

Maxwell says every relationship has a sex honeymoon phase around 2-3 years.

After the honeymoon phase, some problems and/or different expectations can arise. The only way is to talk about them.

If the couple puts in some effort in, it shouldn't be that hard to find common ground.

The main solution is communication.

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