Science Experiment Survivor Claims He Time Traveled To 2749!


Time travel has turned into one of the greatest conspiracy theories of the last century. This article will introduce you to some solid heroes of the conspiracies of time travel!

Al Bielek was born in 1927. The thing that makes him interesting is that he claims he travel through time.

Bielek was captivated during the Montauk Project. Bielek states that he was subject to many experiments varying from time travel to psychological attack techniques. Bielek also claims to be a participant of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Bielek escaped from the USS Elridge weighing around 1240 tons, a ship which was used in the experiment with his brother. Al Bielek states that he and his brother have gone through weird things after the incident, including time travel.

Would you like to find out Bielek's future predictions?

Bielek begins his story by telling that both he and his brother had to stay hospitalized due to a radiation based injury for 6 months.

The future medical system is based on vibrations and treatments with lights and rays. Bielek also states that all of the TV programs have an educational purpose.

Apart from these, he adds that there will be significant changes in the geographical structure of the Earth starting from 2025. Bielek claims to get this information from the aforementioned TV programs and indicates to the changes to the coasts and internal parts in American and European continents.

Al Bielek also claim that the governments of the US and Canada had already collapsed at that time.

Bielek states that there isn't a central governmental approach but rather there are local military rules. Another important claim is that the overall world population has lowered into 300 million. The USA has a population of only 50 million people in 2025.

Bielek also indicates to a change in the magnetic poles of the Earth. Over the course of time, artificial poles are created to reverse this magnetic change.

Some of Bielek's striking claims indicates to contemporary era.

Between the years 2003-2005, new problems arose over the world and new world order started to take over. However, this situation couldn't move forward due to a slowly approaching war. This war is supposedly between a Russian-Chinese alliance and a USA-Europe alliance.

Bielek continues by stating that this war has destroyed some of the states in the USA. We should mention that Bielek's made these statements way before the 2000s.

According to Bielek, the governments have the power and technology to clean up the radiation damage and nuclear waste from World War III in a few days.

The structure of the cities has also changed in the future. While some of the cities are still grounded, there are some cities that can fly over the sky. These flying cities are also capable of transporting from one place to another.

There is a crystallized structure which controls all the systems and there weren't any governments left the earth.

Moreover, the structure of the society turned into a socialist form and all of the basic needs of people were handled.

Bielek and his brother were returned back from this place after staying there for 2 years.

It is certainly difficult to believe in Bielek's time travel and future predictions. However, it is also certain that talking about conspiracy theories is super fun! What do you think about Bielek's future predictions? Don't forget to leave us a comment!

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