Salem Mitchell: Journey From Being Bullied To Becoming A Top Model!


Salem Mitchell, 18, has been made fun of since she was a little girl because of the freckles she had. But this hatred didn't stop her from becoming successful and thanks to great agencies, she's now under the lights, following her dreams.


Meet the 18-year-old social media icon and model, Salem Mitchell.

She was just signed to Ford Models – the same agency who launched the careers of Rachel Hunter, Brooke Shields, and Christy Turlington.

And in true 21st century style, Salem was spotted online where she had gained attention for her distinctive freckles.

‘I got popular on social media mostly by people making fun of me, people would say I looked  like a banana or a cheetah or like I had a skin disease.’

She had a message to people who made fun of her

But those banana freckles came into their own when she started to get approached by photographers who were keen to shoot her.

That led to a full page spread in Paper Magazine and escalated to modelling opportunities at Vogue, Gucci, Missguided, and Beyonce’s website.

Turns out people are bananas for Salem’s distinctive look.

‘If people are going to laugh at me, I’m going to laugh with them and I’m going to be in charge of the jokes that are about me. The bananas kind of look like me.’

And while her preliminary social media experience might have been a negative one, Salem now has a huge following online with over 37k followers on Twitter and nearly 70,000 on Instagram.

‘I’ve always wanted to model but there was a point where I thought it was unattainable. Super happy that I get to be apart of such a great agency and that the modelling/fashion industry has started to become so much more inclusive.’

Congratulations, Salem. From such hatred came out a very successful woman. We are sure you'll be successful for the rest of your life.


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