Puzzling Life Story Of Horatio Nelson, The Brit Who Received An Ottoman Medal!


Horatio Nelson was a successful soldier and a famous naval officer. How could he know that he was going to be awarded the Ottoman Medal; while he was a soldier fighting for the UK?

The French Revolution and After

Napoleon Bonapart was the commander who drew attention during the French Revolution and after. Although, by courtesy of his leadership, France achieved so many accomplishments such as spreading across Europe. This French movement was putting pressure on a lot of countries.

Napoleon Comes To Egypt

In 1798, Napoleon set his target on Egypt. He succeeded at taking over some of the Ottoman territories during his journey. Thereupon, Ottoman wanted to make an alliance with the UK against France.

Brits in the Mediterranean Sea

An English fleet was sent to the Mediterranean Sea, the target was Napoleon’s vessels. Admiral Nelson who was in charge of the fleet was a very successful commander. He joined many wars such as the French Revolution and The American Revolutionary War. He even lost one of his arms during a battle in 1797.

Sir Admiral Nelson On Duty

His fleet attacked French vessels in Abu Qir Bay near Alexandria. The vessels were lined up and created a strong wall. They were also attached to each other with chains so that no one could pass through them. In short, they heaped together as a wall in the middle of the sea.

The British fleet attacking the French vessels which were chained together as a wall. 

Admiral Nelson was trying to figure out the weak points of this wall. He split his fleet into two groups. One was going to try to cross the wall from front to back, the other group was going to blaze away at the French vessels from the left. Admiral Nelson decided to start the operation at midnight. After the combat, the French vessels were all destroyed. Therewith, Napoleon Bonapart withdrew from Egypt.

Dying on the Battlefield

Admiral Nelson was awarded the Ottoman Medal by the Ottoman empire for his hard work at the war which is also known as the Battle of the Nile. It was the first time that this award was given to a foreign commander by the Ottoman Empire. The medal attached on his right side over his heart can be clearly seen in his pictures   

Admiral Nelson continued his military mission in the following years. He got injured and lost his life during the Battle of Trafalgar against the joint fleet of the UK and Spain. His grave is currently at St.Paul Cathedral in London.

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