Prepare For Takeoff: What If You Don't Turn Off Your Phone During A Flight?

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''What's the worst that could happen? It's just a phone. It's not like I have a bomb or anything? If it's that easy to damage a plane with a telephone, why don't terrorists use them all the time?'' You probably thought all these to yourself or even shared it with the cabin crew. Well let's tell you this, there's no way you can damage any engines on the plane with your telephone but there are still some risk factors. Let's see what they are and learn why we have to turn off our phones during a flight.

When you take your seat in the plane, this idea probably went through your mind at least once.

Cabin crews walk around the seats to tell people who are still on the phone to turn off their devices.

So one of the conditions of a safe flight is fulfilled.

What is the reason for this? Why does this antique matter still retain its importance at a time when heart cell work is being done on spinach leaf?

First of all, relax. Your phone has no power to disrupt any mechanism on the plane.

Today, flight control systems are much more sophisticated and secure than in the past.

So there is not a possibility that an SMS will turn off the engines of the plane.

Still, this doesn't mean that you should use your phone secretly. This rule is still valid because it has something to do with the aircraft's communication systems.

Because most aircraft's communications systems still use analog VHF frequencies.

The presence of hundreds of phones working in the cabin can easily disturb these frequencies.

And believe it, the last thing pilots (and, of course, you) will want is lack of communication in a potentially critical situation.

So, behave well and put those phones in your pockets!

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