Possible Meanings Of The Most Common Dreams

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Everyone dreams. It's just that some people don't remember them. Even if the dreams are different, some themes might be the same and they usually reoccur. These thematic events or happenings are usually the symbols for the things happening in your life, or they symbolize how you feel about them. In this post, we will try to understand and explain what they might mean or what they tell us.

1. Nudity

Seeing yourself naked in your dream means that you feel vulnerable for the time being. For example, if you just started to live with someone you might feel like you are losing your privacy. These kind of feelings might lead to dreams similar to this. Also, it might show that you do not feel ready for a new thing that recently came into your life. Usually it's related to anxiety.

2. Falling

Falling in your dreams is usually related to anxiety and feeling insecure. Obscurity of the place you are falling is a symbol for your uncertain future. These kind of dreams occur when you feel like you are losing control of your life. For example, if you are not certain about your relationship's future, it might cause you to dream of falling as well. Contrary to these, if you are dreaming of a slow fall and a cozy landing, it might be a sense of peace in your mind.

3. Death

Contrary to popular, belief death doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing when you dream of it. It might be a symbol of change and personal development. If you are quitting some unwanted habits of yours, it might cause you to dream of death as well. Same things apply to other people if you see another person dying.

4. Being chased

Being chased in your dream might be a symbol of many different things. People chasing you might be the ones whom you undervalue or people who you are afraid of standing up to face to face. These dreams might give you clues about your relationship and what you should fix with other people.

5. Flying

Flying generally symbolizes freedom. If you are able to fly without struggling, it means you are good at avoiding the stresses of daily life. If you see someone or something as an obstacle in your real life, they might also give you a hard time while flying in your dreams.

6. Cheating

Even if you do cheat or get cheated on, it's always hard to find a nice meaning in it. Even though it's not real, it might give you a broken heart or a feeling of doubt and anger. Usually these dreams symbolize the insecurity within yourself instead of feeling insecure about your partner.

7. Water

The water in your dreams reflects your emotions. The state of the water shows what you are feeling. If it's clean and still, it might be a sign of your inner peace and tranquility. Wavy and dark waters mean stress. Seeing a waterfall means you are repressing some feelings of yours.

8. Exam

Seeing or taking exams in your dream is a sign of new excitements in your life. They might be a sign of the challenges that are waiting you in your real life and how you feel about them. If you succeed in your dream, it'll mean that you are feeling confident about that upcoming challenge.

9. Teeth

If you see yourself losing your teeth, it means you are worried about something. If you see your teeth rotting, maybe you might have said or meant something you didn't want to in your real life. Broken teeth is a symbol for feeling insecure.

10. Transport

Seeing yourself in a car, a train or in an airplane shows your power of controlling your future. These dreams are interpreted as your commitment to your future plans.

11. Baby

Seeing a baby in your dream means innovation and refreshement. It's a sign of a new idea, a new project or a new design.