Only Left Hemisphere Dominant People Will Pass This Test!


People use both hemispheres of their brains, but one is always more active than the other. The left hemisphere means more of a logical brain system.

These people act logically and have high problem solving skills. One of the most important thing that must be known about these kind of people is that they have the ability to set their lives up like mathematical equations and structure their brains fundamentally that way.

Then, there is only one way to be successful at this test. To give the right answers to logical, psychological, and mathematical questions!

Good luck!

1. Let's start with an easy one. Which one should be put in the empty space?

2. Which number should come in place of the '?'

3. If the disk on the left was turned in the direction of the arrow, how would the wheel turn?

4. What is the situation called in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors?

5. Which answer is closest to '1' ?

6. How many girls are there in this photograph?


7. Let's relax a little. Which one should come to the space?

8. You have 10 seconds! Divide 60 by 1/3 and subrtact 30 from the result, then divide it by 2. What is the result?

9. Look at this GIF for 10 seconds!

I looked!

Don't look back up! Do you remember which way the eye on the bottom right was turning to?

10. Which one of these colors is derived from two main colors mixing?

It was just the first question :(

You messed up on the first question! We think you were a bit inattentive because you wouldn't do something like this normally. It's alright, no problem. Take the test again after you relax a little.

You were a bit confused!

Were you a bit confused? What happened? We think you couldn't fully concentrate on the test. But no worries. This happens to all of us; not being able to concentrate. Relax for a couple of seconds and take the test again.

Ha ha ha! NO!

Oh c'mon! Don't do this. Alright, let's do this again.

You can't be serious!

To be able to give the right answers to psychology questions, you have to be peaceful with your mind. But it's like you're in bit of a struggle with yourself and your mind, which nobody has ever benefited from. You won't either. Become one with your mind and try again. Come on!

You've got a long way to go my friend.

Consciousness is one of the most difficult cognitive concept that humans can control. It's quite difficult to control it and use it for the better parts of life. So, don't give up, try again!

11. Uhm.. No!

Uhm.. No! That's not the answer. It's alright though, next time you'll know what the right answer is. You will know what the right answer is, right?

Yeah, about that... No!

NO, NO, NO.. Don't do this! Isn't it time for you to fully concentrate and focus on the test!?

Just let it go!

Let your ideas go! Let it go so it can use its ability to cope with all the difficulties and lead you to the correct path! Come on!

Are you with us?

Are you OK? Is everything fine? We were about to say ''that's it'' but you choose the wrong answer at the last minute. Nevermind, things happen. Let's do it again!

Put yourself together, almost there!

You almost had it, but because of your last second mistake you have to go back to the beginning! Come on!

You just had one more step :(

There are many things to say. You came to the end and we don't want to confuse you anymore. One more step, come on!

You're not led by emotions, but by your logic!

Here is another brain that will shake the world with its perception and intelligence! You're the rare type that not only limits the brain with figures but also use it in all aspects. Your observation, analysis, and comprehension skills are pretty high, and in addition, you can also reason with abstract ideas. You're an individual that can make out the relationships between abstract and concrete ideas that normally don't occur, thanks to your high perception skills. And you can think analytically, but most importantly, you can use the cognitive process accordingly and to the point. You're skeptical enough to build walls around your brain because of your detail-oriented nature, but genius enough to go beyond this wall on your own!

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