Only A True Expert Will Get 100% On This Color Intelligence Quiz!


There are millions of shades of color in this world and the ability to see and distinguish between them varies from person to person. Here is a pretty tough color test for you to find out how well you see colors!

1. Let's start! Which one of these is the same color as number 3?

2. Does rectangle A match the color of the circle in rectangle B?

3. Which one of these colors is the same as the rectangle in the middle?

4. Which color below matches the color of the A area?

5. Do you think heart A and heart B are the same shades of grey?

6. Last one! Which color matches the color of the rectangle 1?

Your eyes hurt, huh?

We warned you that this was a pretty hard color test!! Trust our word, we never BS! Whatever, we knew you were't gonna be able to do it anyway!!

You're still a learner.

This was a hard test, we admit that. That's why we believe you actually did a pretty good job! This proves you have an improvable ability! All you need to do is to find your color master;  and you'll be the perfect color vision learner!

Master of colors!

This-is-it!! You deserve a big applause; congratulations on your ability and attention. It was an insane performance you just did. Doing this much of a good job in this test was almost impossible! The lord of the colors, master of colors, the color guru! We just can't stop ourselves from complimenting you on your huge success. Now go and find your color students, they have so much to learn from you!!

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