Naked Photos Of Hitler's Girlfriend Leaked By An Antique Collector!


Day by day, we're getting used to seeing naked photos of celebrities leaked to the public. Although this seems normal for the current era, an incident such as this was impossible in the past. This is why the following event is really interesting since it shows the naked photos of Eva Braun, hidden lover of Adolf Hitler.


1. An Austrian photograph collector recently claimed to find some 'naughty' photos of Eva Braun.

Photographs show Eva having a bath completely naked in Adolf Hitler's summer house.

2. Collector Bernard S. is almost certain that this is Eva Braun.

Bernard stated that he found the photographers at an antique shop and confirmed the subjects through the help of a military historian.

3. These photographs were investigated by many others and all of them come to one conclusion, that this is Eva Braun.

4. Collector also states that Eva Braun's name is written on the back of these photographs.

‘On the secluded beach at the Lake Wolfgang. August 1943’ and ‘A snapshot. A beautiful day on the Black Lake.’

5. When these photos were taken Eva was staying at Hitler's summer house in Berghof.

Another curious detail from these photos, In one photo there is a shoe in the picture of her bending over, which apparently, is the ‘exact copy,’ of a pair that she was pictured doing aerobics in at another of Hitler’s holiday homes.

6. It is quite obvious that this mysterious woman is someone Hitler would like.

However, there is the slight possibility that this is not Eva Braun. The author who wrote the biography of Braun claims that Eva wouldn't pose naked in those years.

7. Hitler hid his relationship with Eva Braun for nearly 12 years. This way Hitler tried to show that his only passion was towards his country.

This fairy tale had an unfortunate ending. The couple finally got married on April 30, 1945. Following their ceremony, these two committed suicide at the warehouse of the mansion.

8. What do you think about these photos?

If you ask us, these photos show a serious amount of resemblance to Hitler's hidden lover, Eva Braun.

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