Meet The Woman Who Made It Possible To Live Without Trash!


We learn that materials like plastic take a lot of time to dissolve in the world. We also know that creating these harmful products causes a huge amount of energy loss...

Try considering your damage to the world by counting out the trash you make in a day. Calculate how much trash can leave a village, city or a country. Terrifying, isn't it?

Nevertheless, there is still hope for a better future. This young woman is busy proving this to the world...

1. This is Lauren Singer! She is a student at NYU and she is a young entrepreneur.

She looks like an ordinary college students with her bright eyes and warm smile. However, she is far from living ordinary!!

2. The reason why we're talking about her is that, over the last 4 years, she only made trash that can fit into a glass jar!

Lauren follows a sustainable lifestyle and we have a lot to learn from her. She is ready to turn impossible to possible!

3. Yes, it is hard to believe, but this is the trash Lauren has made in 4 years!

Lauren started living mindfully when she started studying environmental science.

After taking the class and doing a lot of research on the subject she realised how we are ruining the world we live in. Then, she came up with the trashless lifestyle project.

4. She started by changing her own lifestyle in order to be an example to others. She started by applying this project in her life.

Sounds impossible when you think of the trash you make in a single day, right?

5. It's actually possible to live without making any trash. We're inviting you to Lauren's daily life to prove that to you!

No, Lauren's not living out in nature. She lives in the city, just like us. She has a full time occupation and she is just like us!

6. When she's out grocery shopping, she carries her own tote bags and jars. For instance, if she is going to buy rice, she doesn't buy a packaged one. She prefers places that she can buy a desired amount.

Actually, she is not discovering something new. Back in the day, our grandparents were living just like that.

Before the consumer culture took over, people did not see disposable plastic and nylon materials as a must.

7. Lauren rolls the fresh bread into a piece of cloth rather than using paper.

Don't underestimate the power of these little details. They carry major importance!

Think about all those plastic bags in your place! It takes hundreds of years in order for the bags to dissolve in nature. Where will this trash go?

8. She is making her own hygienic products at home, such as toothpaste and laundry detergent. She picks out materials that are eco-friendly.

While Lauren is making all these products, she doesn't hesitate to share her experience on YouTube. Click here to check out her YouTube channel.

She has really useful tips! Try them for yourself!

9. Lauren is definitely not one of those creepy eco-hippies. She lives in a neat apartment. She has a social life, just like other people.

Lauren makes all her cleaning products and cosmetics at home. However, she is not spending all of her life making these products.

10. Lauren wants to spread this movement. This is the reason why she founded a company called The Simply Co.!

11. She makes and sells out homemade cleaning products for those who don't have the time to make it on their own.

12. These products don't come in fancy packaging, obviously!

You go to the store and buy the exact amount you need and put it into the jar you've brought with you!

13. Lauren is only 25, yet she has many fans! She has been offered the chance to give talks to many different organizations!

She attends to these events as much as she can!

14. Creating an awareness on this subject is very important for our future!

Disposable materials, such as plastic or nylon, are not only unhealthy for us, but also they create a massive amount of litter on the earth.

15. Lauren carries her own glass jug everyplace she goes. She protects herself from the unhealthy materials.

This one is not that difficult! Just put your glass in your tote bag and go!

16. This is what sandwiches look like on a sustainable lifestyle like Lauren's...

17. This is what a trashless fridge look like. There are no plastic bags, no paper, no plastic, no nylon and no packaging!

There are cloths, glasses and recycled ecologic paper boxes!

18. Think about how much you damage the world when you use chemicals...

Ve suda yaşayan canlılar için ne kadar ölümcül olduğunu...

19. This is the reason why the world needs a change, NOW! Our young heroine is sharing her knowledge with children regularly!

20. The female audience might have this question: "What does she use when she has her period?".

The answer is simple: Diva Cup! 

Though, this might seem scary at first glance, the women who use diva cups claim that they are amazing. It's developed to fit into the woman's anatomy and hygiene-wise, it is the best alternative!

If you don't fancy trying out diva cup, there are recycled sanitary pads out there!

21. The following generations have a lot to learn from Lauren, in order to save nature!

We thank this young lady for inspiring us to do better!

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