Meet Nariyana: 8 Year Old Albino Snow White Conquering Our Hearts!


This 8 year old enchanted us with her unique charm! Let's get to know Nariyana better!

1. This is Nariyana.. Nariyana is an eight year old albino girl who is currently at the spotlight of modelling agencies.

2. This sweetheart is from Yakutia, Siberia.

3. Nariyana is also known as Siberian Snow White.

4. Her amazing hair and unique skin color is enough for many people to admire her!

5. Nariyana is the only family member to have albinisim in the whole family. She is also the only member to have blonde hair.

6. “She is the most unusual person I’ve met,” photographer Vadim Rufov said.

7. As one might expect Nariyana gets many offers from modeling agencies. However, she decided to take things slow.

8. Nariyana' mother states that they have been getting offers from modeling and advertising agencies.

9. “But I don’t want her to work yet” she claims.

10. “When she grows up, she’ll choose who she wants to be for herself”.

11. It seems that Nariyana has already made her decision.

12. When she is asked what she wants to be in the future, her reply is being a model.

13. She doesn't know what time will bring to her and her career!

14. Nariyana enjoys dancing and drawing in her spare time - just like many other children!
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