Mars Mission Man Stays On Earth To Be With His Love! <3


Since his childhood, 26-year-old Pietro Aliprandi has dreamt of space travel. He says he has always been excited by the idea of becoming a space explorer and the first Italian to set foot on Mars.

One day three years ago, when he happened to read about a Dutch visionary who announced his project to colonize the RedPlanet, Pietro decided to apply on the spot. He successfully went through all the selection phases, from the original 200,000 applicants to the shortlisted 100 candidates.

But he says he is no longer interested in going to Mars, and has decided to stay on earth for his love...

The young man in the photo is Pietro Aliprandi. He had been selected from among 200,000 applicants to participate in the Mars One mission: a project to colonize the Red Planet.

However, he decided to refuse to take part in such a unique mission to Mars just to stay with his girlfriend on Earth, saying "My love for Elena is stronger than my childhood dreams.”

Before getting into the details of his story, let's talk about the Mars One mission...

Mars One is an organization based in the Netherlands that has proposed to land the first humans on Mars and establish a permanent human colony there by 2024.[1] The private spaceflight project is led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, who announced the Mars One project in May 2012.[2] The project's schedule, technical and financial feasibility, as well as ethics, have been criticized by scientists, engineers and those in the aerospace industry.

To read more about the mission:

There was only one detail which gave pause for thought to the applicants: No return trip was envisaged!

The mission offers only a one-way ticket and a future full of unknowns for the four finalists who will be selected. So, there will be no return. You better not get homesick!

So Pietro had decided to apply. He did, and became the only Italian selected. You can watch below the video he submitted for his application:

Videoda iddialı iddialı konuşmasını biliyor, vay efendim rüyalarım gerçek olacak falan demesini biliyor ama iş iyice gerçeğe binince geri adım atıyor kendisi.

When Peter found out he had “won” his ticket to Mars, he had recently met Elena, “the love of his life,” as he calls her today.

His growing love began to overshadow his dream, and as much as he tried to cultivate both, he realized early on that he would have to choose: his future with Elena ruled out his future in Space. “We talked about it, and tried to split up twice,” he said, “but we got back together on both occasions. Eventually, after a solo trip to America, I decided that what I want is her, that for me it is more important to believe in something earthly and immediate. So I called the organizers and I told them: I’m giving up on the mission for love.” On the Facebook page that he had dedicated to space travel, he wrote: “I was convinced about going, and being a part of that wonderful group of pilots, doctors, engineers and physicists from all the continents of the Earth. At the same time, try as I might, I could not even remotely imagine a future without Elena ... Leaving Mars One left me feeling crippled... It was not difficult to make this decision but it was hard to accept it.”

However, not everyone thinks he did the right thing: “Once you start arguing, you’ll regret not having pursued your dream” someone commented.

“But what way of thinking is that?” Pietro objected. “I am now convinced that I can have much more from love than I could ever have from Mars. In a few days we’re going to live together in Trieste, where I was born, and in a few years we will get married. When I think of us, I think about this, not our arguments.” We asked him what he thought about death and the idea of that one-way ticket for the unknown. Our young doctor did not hide the fact that “yes, of course I thought about it. I imagined fear, homesickness ... but until I decided to give up on my dream, I saw my red planet as a big screen on which we could project the potential of the human species, and being a part of all this really excited me”.

What do you think? Would you do the same thing if you won a ticket to Mars?

He did the right thing. I would never leave my love behind.
He shouldn't have given up on his dreams no matter what, especially when it's such once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
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