List Of The Most Difficult Jobs In The World To Help You Stop Complaining About Yours!


Many of us hate our jobs, stating that they’re causing a lot of stress. Or even call it torture and look forward to the weekend. You may get tired from an office or store job, which is normal, but everything in the world is relative.

Guess we’re at the same point with Bright Side, since they compiled the most unpleasant jobs around the world that many of us would never want to do. We think you’ll like your job a little bit more after seeing these photos.


1. Unskilled workers in Central Asia

2. People who mount high-voltage electricity cables in China

3. Long-distance sailors

4. Mountain workers

5. Mining

6. Sailors who have to work on an aircraft carrier, even during a storm

7. India's sewer cleaners

8. Excavator operators on a mountain slope

9. Oil extractors

10. Long-distance truck drivers

11. Skyscraper window cleaners

12. Firefighters

13. Gigantic earthmover maintainers

14. Or those who change its tires

15. People who package salt in India

16. Diamond workers in Africa

17. People who have to spend the winter on a ship

18. Menial work in Haiti

19. Coal miners in Pakistan

Still hating your job?

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