It's Science Talking: 10 Qualities That Make Us Less Attractive!


The logic behind the successful relationships is mostly unclear. While it is really easy to communicate with some people, sometimes it is extremely difficult to have a conversation with others. Science has a solid answer to this phenomenon! Here are 10 significant features that make us unattractive to others accompanied by scientific research links: 

Illustrated by: Natalia Kulakova

***This article was originally published on Bright Side.


1. Stress

According to the journal Biology Letters, the women who have higher stress levels are found less attractive by other men.

2. Dishonesty

The research on the subject indicates that lying is one of the most unattractive

3. Sleep Deprivation

It is proven by Swedish scientist that signs of sleep deprivation can be found unattractive by other people.

4. Being Mean

Recent research on the subject was done in 2014 with a group of volunteers. The volunteers were asked to rate a series of photographs of people with neutral emotions. The descriptions of the expressions varied and written underneath the photographs. Findings show that people who were described as "mean" as less likely to be found attractive.

5. Contractive Body Language

On a recent study American academics found out that having a closed body language can turn off other people around you. Contractive body language can be counted as crossed arms or hunched shoulders.

6. Laziness

Researchers at University of Wisconsin have proven with a study that laziness can easily annoy other people around us.

7. Looking too happy

People over University of British Columbia done a research on the subject and it is found that men who smile too much tend to turn off the women around them.

8. Looking too proud

The previously mentioned research also have proven that overly proud women is not found attractive by other men.

9. Smelling too similar

At University of New Mexico, It was discovered that people who smell like each other do not attract each other. The reason behind this is that they subconsciously think that they are related.

10. Not having a sense of humor

Psychologists at Ulster University made a research on the effect of sense of humor in relationships. It is found that people who lack sense of humor is found unattractive no matter what gender the person is.

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