How Well Would You Do At The Box Office As A Director?

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Cinema is an art that people of all ages can enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to be the biggest name behind a masterpiece? Or to see your art win the recognition of the public? So we aimed to satisfy your curiosity with this test! Let’s start!

1. First of all, which director’s movies appeal to you most?

Alfred Hitchcock
Stanley Kubrick
Woody Allen
Quentin Tarantino
Steven Spielberg
Fatih Akın

2. What would be the genre of your movie?

3. Now tell us where you want to shoot your dream movie.

New York
Rio de Janeiro
Buenos Aires

4. Which one of these World War II movies do you like the most?

The Pianist
Inglourious Basterds
Saving Private Ryan
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Life Is Beautiful
Schindler's List

5. Suppose you won a vacation package for two. Who would you take with you?

6. Which award would you want to win?

The Golden Bear (Berlin International Film Festival)
Golden Lion (Venice Film Festival)
Golden Palm (Cannes Film Festival)
Oscar (Academy Awards)

7. Finally tell us which one you want to eat right now.


Your movie would hit 78,000 if you were a director. Yes, it’s a little low, we admit that. But it doesn’t mean you’re not good at it. You just prefer to make art films rather than box office movies. Your audience is definitely more sophisticated. It’s actually harder to appeal to those kinds of people. You really need to make good quality ones to maintain them.


Your movie would hit 254,000 if you were a director. You should never forget the fact that people don’t really go to the movies anymore. They prefer to watch it online instead of going to the theater because of the advanced Internet. So this number is not bad, but still not extremely good. You have a stable audience. You don’t really enjoy directing projects that appeal to everyone anyway. Keep it up.


Your movie would hit 806,000 if you were a director. It’s a pretty good amount actually. It shows that you’re a popular and admired director across the country. You can make the whole world know your name by continuing to do this well and know how to get the most out of your abilities.


Your movie would hit 1,709,000 if you were a director. It’s a really good amount. You have both a domestic and international fanbase. You’re very close to being considered one of the most successful directors of the world. Congrats.


Your movie would hit 5,492,000 if you were a director. It’s a number that only really good directors can reach. People are already talking about you all over the world. Plus, your success is not limited to only one movie. Almost every movie you have made has reached the same success.


Your movie would hit 12,781,000 if you were a director. You’re born to be a movie director. People call you a movie master. Your projects are displayed worldwide. You’re even more famous than many actors/actresses. It shouldn’t be easy to walk on the streets for you ;) There’s no reason for you not to be on the top of 50 greatest directors of all time. You’ll land on No.1 after a couple of incredible movies.

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