How To Permanently Burn Calories While Exercising


Did you know that what you eat after exercising is very important in order not to take back the calories you burn during your work out and in order to avoid muscle loss? Your post work-out meal is as important as your work-out itself.

Awesome, you exercise, you burn calories, and you want to keep it that way and not want to take them back. But how?

Let's see what your post work-out meal should look like!

1. Your post work-out meal is more important than your daily meals.

Your muscles break down the most during work-out. With the right nutrition and meal plan, you can stop the muscle break down and facilitate muscle protein synthesis.

2. Your pre work-out meal fills the glycogen storage in your muscles and liver and increases blood sugar.

You should go for carbs and proteins before exercising.

3. After your work-out, you should only eat only 50% of the calories you have used during your session.

For example, if you have burnt 600 calories during your work-out, your post work-out meal should have 300 calories. If your intake is more than what you burn, you will gain weight.

4. If you eat before your work-out, you can start exercising at least 30 minutes later. However, the most ideal time is 1 hour after eating.

During this period of time, your body fills your energy stocks and prepares you for your work out. Give it time.

5. Most people forget to consume a small amount of carbs right after exercising.

A good source of carbs, such as bananas, will help you get better results.

6. If you are planning on an intensive and long work-out, you need more energy and therefore more nutrition.

Within the first 45 minutes following your work out, you HAVE to eat something. During these 45 minutes, your heart rate will continue to be higher; and therefore your electrolytes will be renewed quickly and the muscles will start healing.

7. If you aren't too hungry after your work-out and you aren't planning on eating anything right away, you can opt for a healthy snack.

You can go for yogurt, fruits and fat-free milk.

8. 'Anabolic window' refers to the period right after a work-out, during which your body needs high amounts of proteins to repair the muscle tissue and generate new muscle tissues.

You can prepare a fast chicken sandwich using whole-grain bread, which will provide you with enough necessary carbs and proteins to build muscle.

9. Another thing your body needs after a work-out is to restore the water it used during exercising.

Consuming water after your work-out will be enough to make up for the water loss. You have to keep your water intake and use in balance in order for your cells to continue their vital activities and for your bodily functions to be carried out properly.

10. What to eat after evening work-outs if you think it is too late?

A light meal that is rich in proteins is more than enough. Grilled chicken meat with minimum oil and lots of greens or a plate of seasonal fruits will restore the energy and proteins you have lost.

11. Mineral water will also compensate for dehydration.

Drinking mineral water during your work-out may cause you to feel stuffed. Go for mineral water only after you finish exercising.

12. Don't go for too big meals after morning work-outs!

You can have an omelette or a smoothie in the mornings after a morning work-out.

13. A word of caution for those who crave sweets after exercising.

Those will not only do you no good, but also reverse all your effort.

It is a good idea to satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate milk. It will both resupply the energy you used during your work-out and satisfy your calcium need!

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