How Good Are You At Reading People?


Facial impressions are the universal language of emotion. But do you have enough emotional intelligence to understand them? Do you have the ability to read their emotions? We have this test for you to figure it out!

1. First of all: What do you think happened to this man?

2. What about this woman?

3. Don’t you think this man looks a little..

4. This man looks like he is…

5. This woman seems a little..

6. How do you think this woman is feeling?

7. This man is definitely…

8. Finally, I can clearly see that this woman is..

You just see faces!

You’re not that good at noticing other’s emotions because peoples’ emotions are not much of interest to you. That’s because you are more of a logical person.  You usually prefer to suppress your emotions and prefer to lead your life in a rational way; so you don’t want to poke your nose in other’s emotions. But don’t get us wrong; it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about people. It’s the opposite, if someone comes and opens up to you, you can listen to them all night and even give them advice. It’s just not your thing to manipulate other people’s lives.

You can definitely read emotions!

You’re so observant that you immediately understand how people feel at that moment.You’re extremely emotional and sensitive. Plus you have so much love for the people around you and give importance to them. We shouldn’t be surprised if you were damn popular! You have the ability to say: “let’s talk” before people even open their mouth. Your friends are so lucky to have someone like you!

You read hearts & souls!

You see deep inside of people’s hearts and souls when you look at them! Their sufferings, tragedies, happiness, pleasures, disappointments; you read them all through their eyes. You have very strong instincts. Plus, you’ve experienced a lot and met with various kinds of people. This makes your steps even stronger in your relationships.

How do you feel?
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