How Dark Is Your Dark Side?

> How Dark Is Your Dark Side?

Have you ever wondered how evil you are? How dark is your personality, according to the dark triad- machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy?  This 15 questions test was prepared by BBC Business and inspired by the 3 parameters that psychologists Delroy Paulhus and Daniel Jones used in their questionnaires;

  • Machiavellianism - your level of manipulating and exploiting others

  • Narcissism -  your excessive interest of yourself

  • Psychopathy - your level of selfishness

1. Telling people about your secrets is not rational.

2. I usually manipulate people to get what I want.

3. You need get important people on your side, no matter what.

4. I try to avoid conflict with others, they may be useful one day.

5. Its good to keep in mind the information that you can use against people.

6. I hide things from people since they don’t need to know everything.

7. I don’t like being the center of attention.

8. I believe I’m special; that’s also what everyone else says.

9. I like to be in places where I can meet with important people.

10. I think I am an average person.

11. I avoid being in dangerous situations.

12. Payback should be quick and dirty.

13. I find it exciting to have sex with people I hardly know.

14. Yeah, I can be mean intentionally.

15. And I never gotten into trouble with the law.

You’re constantly vile.

You’re constantly vile.

You have more darks than whites in your personality. In the meantime, you know how to use those sides of you very cleverly, just like James Bond and Dr. No.

Machiavellianism - 100%

Narcissism - 70%

Psychopathy - 75%

Admit it, you are a total jerk sometimes.

Admit it, you are a total jerk sometimes.

Your dark side outweighs the good side of your personality. Even though you can do anything to get what you want, you avoid harming people around you.

Machiavellianism - 80%

Narcissism - 75%

Psychopathy - 60%

You’re like a medallion.

You’re like a medallion.

You have two totally different personalities. You never hesitate to help others, but once you understand you’re going to get hurt, you become evil. It’s pretty hard to be friends and do business with you.

Machiavellianism - 60%

Narcissism - 55%

Psychopathy - 50%

Your good side outweighs your dark side.

Your good side outweighs your dark side.

Yes, you have a dark side,  but so does everyone! However, your soul and heart prefer to be as white as they can. Your conscience and benefits conflict a lot, but your conscience usually wins.

Machiavellianism - 50%

Narcissism - 55%

Psychopathy - 45%

You’re a real angel.

You’re a real angel.

You put others before yourself and wish for their happiness all the time. It’s ‘us’ that is important to you, not ‘me’. You’re always sharing and like to help others. Your dark side doesn't exist. 

Machiavellianism - 35%

Narcissism - 40%

Psychopathy - 30%