Here's Why You Don't Need To Be Liked By All!


And you also don't have to like everybody!

Being a person is a tough job, especially being a person who seeks love. It might cause you to create new and crooked versions of yourself and get lost in them.

But we will tell you a secret...

It is not your job or mission to be liked by everybody. This is not only impossible, but also something that exhausts you and stops you from feeling like yourself.

Your mission in life is to take care of yourself and to find people who not only don't stop you from doing this, but also help and support you.

And supporting those people is also your job.

But this doesn't mean that you have to approve of and accept everything they do. This means that you have to play your part in receiving the love, kindness and behavior that you expect from others.

Although being nice is considered very valuable, it is mostly insincere and exhausting. It puts us in a position of being dishonest because it silences our inner voice.

Ignoring your own emotions requires a lot of work, which is also exhausting.

1. Instead of being nice, focus on being true and honest and being kind both to yourself and others. Fake niceness is not the same as being kind.

Focus on being good — to yourself and to others.

There is nothing wrong with not being liked by everyone or not liking everyone. Being aware of what you like and who you like actually means that you are gradually discovering yourself.

By figuring out who/what you like and don't like you are actualizing yourself and turning into the real you.

And that's a pretty amazing thing.

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