Girlfriend Reveals The Truth About Her Boyfriend Who Acts Differently In Reality And On Social Media


A 20 years old college student Olivia recently noticed that her boyfriend Cam is a total different person in real life and on social media. She says, "He’s the softest motherfucker I’ve ever met, but on Instagram he’s like, 'Me and a feral cat I found in the alleyway' on his captions of us." Here are the proofs.


1. Like, why? 😂


2. She also shared his text messages.

3. He's a cold "cool bro" in the streets, but a teddy bear in the sheets.

Twitter: @_kenzie_01

4. Alright, this one is kinda hilarious but still, "darude"?

5. Straight mates, why you doing this? 😂

Twitter: @samanthap___

6. Is it so hard to be sincere?

7. How would you react if your boyfriend did the same thing?


8. As a result, all you dudes can pretend however you like.

Twitter: @hiimaspen

9. But we all know the reality.

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