From Hannah Montana To Miley Cyrus In 48 Shocking Steps


This journey is like series of life lectures, if you interpret them deeply. From our beloved Hannah Montana, to today’s sexuality ‘defender,’ Miley Cyrus. 

Since this is a Miley Cyrus article, please step away from the computer if are younger than 18!

1. This is what she looked like when we first met her. Awww, look at that smile.

2. She hit puberty right in front of our eyes.

3. Then, she kept getting older.

4. We thought she would star in new Disney movies.

5. We were so happy she became an adorable young woman...

6. ...with her father standing by her side.

7. She's clever...

8. ...and promising.

9. We waited and waited…

10. But then, one day, she went and did THAT!

11. We thought she was pulling a Britney, and having trouble.

12. But, then her videos came out…

13. That innocent child was gone, and replaced with an angry woman…

14. Some told her to be different...

15. "Be sexy; let Hannah die and stay in the past."

16. Then, with one lick, Hannah was all gone! She killed her!

17. That tongue never went back in!

18. Every camera,

19. Every photo-shoot,

20. Every journalist,

21. and every paparazzi got that tongue.

22. But it wasn't enough. They told her to go crazy…

23. She went mad, started licking herself…

24. She even did a video on how to roll a joint.

25. She had the most eccentric birthdays and cakes. Yikes!

26. Then, came the stage shows.

27. They told her to wear swimsuits and ditch costumes.

28. That she did…

29. Then, people told her to bend over… (Staaaahp!)

30. Santa had his share too! BAD SANTA, BAD!

31. Even her fans!!!

32. Her dancers poured all over her…

33. Then, she went and found an ‘interesting’ stage object.

34. She kept it for a while.

35. Until she started licking hammers!

36. She did a video sitting butt naked on a wrecking ball!

37. Then came the really weird parts!

38. She really kept going at it!

39. Then, she decided to show off her vagina…

40. Every single concert!

41. She even tried to make it sing.

42. She made sure EVERYONE saw it.

43. Then, lit her joint.

44. Sit down, wildling!

45. This innocent girl…

46. This pretty little girl…

47. Became this!

48. And then this!

Thanks a lot! Sigh…

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