Find Your Spirit Animal Guiding You Through Life!


Some shamans claim that the reason for depression and crisis that the kids of popular culture have and the fact that they lead an unhealthy life is because they lost the connection between them and their spirit animals. And they feel desperate because they don't know how to obtain them.

Spirit animals symbolize our most wild and primitive power and the essence of our soul. Once you find yours, your life will become easier and you can lead your power and find peace.

According to your subconscious, we prepared this test to find your spirit animal!

1. You should answer the questions without giving much thought to them! Just choose an answer:

2. Pick a scent that makes you feel peaceful

Scent of a flower
Scent of coffee
The scent after the rain
Scent of a forest
Scent of the sea
Scent of those you love

3. Which one fills you with the joy of living?

Feeling the wind on my body
Feeling the sun burning through my bones
Feeling the rain on my skin
Walking on soil with bare feet

4. What is the worst feeling that even exists in your nightmares?

Being stuck somewhere tight and not being able to move
Falling from somewhere high
Being chased by creatures that want to harm me

5. What is your best characteristic that helps you out of difficult situations?

My patience, my will and my strength
My mind, my power of manipulation and my communication skills
My fighting spirit, my stubbornness and my toughness
My instinct, my intuition and my prayers

6. What is your body type?

I'm small but strong and quick!
I'm thin, tall and fragile.
I'm big and strong!
I'm petite!

7. If you had to give up one of these tastes forever, which one would you sacrifice?


8. Now choose one of the seven deadly sins. Which one are you more prone to doing?


Your spirit animal is the Dragon!

You have a soul that is old and wise, and has lived hundreds of times. Even if you think you don't remember, you have archaic information. Even if you don't notice, you make people feel your wisdom and power.

You should get inspired from your spirit animal and put forth your power and be brave. Even if you feel the tiredness of all those long years, you should know that your power will never die and it is blessed with passion in an infinite fire. People like you are rare. You have the soul of a dragon; don't waste it!

Your spirit animal is the Tiger!

You have pure power in your soul, but you may not know how to control this power all the time. This power can lead you to your goals but it might also take you to rage if you mislead it.

You should take your spirit animal as an example and use this power planned and carefully just like a tiger. Instead of making sudden decisions, you should look within yourself and think carefully. You have the instinct of a hunter. When you listen to your soul, you will see when to make a move and when to retreat.

Your power and royal creation can be seen in your eyes, so you might have lots of enemies. But you have the energy to cope with all of them. You have the soul of a tiger, don't hide yourself away!

Your spirit animal is the Snake!

You have really powerful instincts that most ordinary people won't understand. If you didn't like a place or a person, there is definitely a method to your madness. You see what nobody else sees and feel what nobody else feels. Even if people find you ''cold and distant'' because of your instincts, you are in fact calm, balanced and harmless, unless you see a threat.

You should let your spirit animal inspire you and trust your instincts. You shouldn't get involved in something if it doesn't feel right. You should never pay attention to criticism because ordinary people will never have an insight like you and they will fear you when they see you are right!

You have beauty like no one else. You are strong, yet attractive. You have the soul of a snake which hides thousands of years of wisdom and beauty, and you are a survivor. Whatever happens, you molt and leave the past in the past and focus on the future. You should listen to your instincts more and focus on your real purpose in life!

Your spirit animal is the Raven!

You carry the soul you inherited from your ancestors with pride. Love, commitment and loyalty are some of the most important things for you. You love helping around those you, especially the people who are left out and lonely. You don't have the intention to draw interest or brag when doing this. You are like a prophet.

By using your spirit animal as an example, you should have a strong balance. You have the power to survive and take care of yourself while helping others. When you balance them, you'll find peace and reach your target in life more easily. Because you have no ego, people try to take advantage of you, but you should show how strong you are when necessary.

Your spirit animal is Deer!

Ambition and ego are like a weak person's sickness to you. You are in a natural harmony with yourself and every created thing. Your family and loved ones are really important to you. You don't think anybody is more or less important than you. You know that every creature is necessary in this great system. That's why you accept everyone as they are.

You should get inspiration from your spirit animal and approach people more modestly. If you want to overcome the situations that make you sad, change your path, like water, because water flows and finds its bed. It's possible for you to exist everywhere with your beautiful and peaceful nature. If your loved ones are with you, that's more than enough!

Your spirit animal is the Wolf!

You are wild! A lot!  You take your strength from yourself and from others. People like you. You are like a magnet; you pull people who are like you and make them become loyal to you. Such a shame for someone who tries to hurt someone you love!  But this protectionism might sometimes prevent you from enjoying and exploring life.

You should let your spirit animal inspire you and stay close to your friends and family. But you shouldn't let this isolate you from other things in life. You have the soul of a wolf! Don't lock yourself in one place. You can survive anywhere! The world belongs to you, don't be afraid to be out in the open!

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