Find The Bentley: The 57.7 BILLION Pixel Shot Of Dubai Will Take You Away!


You have heard of the brand Bentley, right? It is a British luxury car maker. Recently they did something out of this world and you'll be surprised when you see it

If you're ready, here it comes!


The car manufacturer, Bentley, came up with an interesting advertisement.

Bentley placed a camera on one of Dubai’s tallest buildings to capture a 57.7 billion pixels image made up of 1,825 individual frames which were then electronically put together.

Of course, this type of photograp can't be taken with the kind of cameras that we use in our daily life.

The camera had to cope with  104° F heat that created a haze and 15 mph winds, which threatened the image’s stability, so they went to NASA for a tech to take the picture.

How? Like this.

Didn't you see the ''Bentley'.'

Zoom in.

How is it now? Still not good?

There it is.

It was tough at first but at last, we saw it.

This isn't the first time Bentley has done something like this.

They created a 53 billion pixel image of the Mulsanne on the Golden Gate Bridge in California.

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