Ever Wondered The Taste Of Human Flesh? We Are Here To Explain!


No matter how much our society condemns it, there are real cases of cannibalism and not just in remote, primitive tribes, but also among modern people living in modern countries. 

Obviously, it is only cannibals that can actually comment on the taste of human flesh. Now there are some things that are OK to be curious enough, but I am personally not sure. However, when it comes to science, we feel more dutiful. So, let's go and learn how human flesh tastes.

We give the floor to cannibals:


The cannibal tribes living in Polynesia were asked this question, and their answer was pork. German cannibal-murderer Armin Weives, another German murderer Fritz Haarmaan, and Polish serial killer Karl Denke also agree that human flesh tastes similar to pork.

And it isn't all about what human flesh tastes like.


Another question directed to cannibals was about the looks. White or red? Here, we have to cover what red and white meat actually means. These names are thought to be given according to the color of the meat before it is cooked. But there are of course no written rules about it.

What we mean when we talk about meat is actually the muscle tissue of the animals.


The red color of the meat comes from myoglobin protein. To be more specific, HEM-proteins are responsible for the color. The richer a muscle cell is in this protein, the redder it looks.

Myoglobins are found in different amounts in different species.


As myoglobin is a protein that bonds oxygen in the skeletal and heart muscle, its amount depends on the oxygen need of the specific species. For example; in pork, 2 mg in one gram of muscle; in lamb, 4 mg; in beef, 8 mg; and 0.5 mg in chicken.

This huge difference in beef and chicken is quite visible; while beef looks quite red, chicken meat is pale.

Human flesh definitely falls under the red meat category in this sense.


Although some claim that it tastes like pork, William Seabrook, a famous journalist and author, who conducted a study at the beginning of the 1900s and consumed human flesh; said that it resembles much more to beef.

And it is also said that different parts taste differently.


All in all, there is no clear idea about its taste, although it is undoubtedly a kind of red meat. Pork and beef are the best candidates in terms of taste resemblance. And hopefully, most of us won't be able to find out exactly.

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