Elephantiasis : Massive Body Swelling!


The world is full of strange organisms and parasites are certainly very frightening for their size. Elephantiasis is an interesting disease caused by parasites. Let's see what this disease is about..

Parasites are more powerful than we can imagine.


To sustain their lives, they use our bodies as a big food source.

While breeding to continue their own kind, parasites can even kill a human after entering different parts of the body.


One of the most interesting of parasite diseases is certainly Elephantiasis.


3 kinds of parasitic worms lead to this disease.


Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, ve Brugia timori.

Mosquitoes are the carriers of these parasites that cause the tropical disease.


The deadliest killer on Earth, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading this disease too. Meaning you don't only get Zika or Malaria from them.

The parasite inhabits the lymph nodes and blocks the lymphatic system. The human body, which fails to protect itself, thickens the skin.


If the infected person does not get treated, the parts of the body can swell to massive proportions.

The thickening makes the skin resemble elephant skin.


If the person coughs and has a mild fever in the beginning of the disease, it gets easier to diagnose it.

The disease especially affects the legs and male genitalia.

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If not treated, the disease can lead to cancer or blindness.

The treatment can take very long.

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Lifting up the affected limbs to re-open the lymph nodes, paying attention to hygiene, doing regular skin care routines and exercises are very important to restrain the disease from progressing in the early stages.

Using antibiotics consisting of Doxycycline helps to kill the bacteria living with the worm symbiotically, and consequently the worm too.

Therefore antibiotic treatment can be used too. If the disease has progressed, the extra skin is removed from the body with surgical operations.

Elephantiasis, the disease affecting so many people in the world, is seen as one of the hardest diseases a person can experience.

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