Do You Know Enough About the Cosmos to Pass This Test?


Cosmos is everything that ever existed, exists now, and will exist in the future. 

Today we have gathered here to test your knowledge of the Cosmos...

PS. At the end, you will be able to read the correct answers if you want to.

Let's start with the basics... How old is the universe?

6.5 billion years old
13.8 billion years old
699.7 billion years old
60,778 years old

If all the time since the beginning of the Cosmos were only an hour, for how much of it would humans have existed?

Last 4 minutes
Last 14 seconds
Last 1 second
Last 1 minute

Here is a difficult one! What percentage of the universe is filled with atoms?

What is the galaxy closest to our wonderful Milky Way?

Voyager I was launched in 1978 and it has been moving in space for about 40 years. Where is it now?

Right around Saturn.
In interstellar space.
Inside Pluto's atmosphere.
At the Kuiper Belt.

What is the star with the largest volume known to humankind?

What kind of a star is our sun?

Yellow Dwarf
Yellow Giant
White Dwarf
Red Giant

How long does it take for light to travel from the Sun to our Earth

8 minutes
12 seconds
1 second
4 minutes

What is a Pulsar?

Name of a specific star.
A subatomic particle.
A very fast neutron star.
Highly dispersed nebulas.

Your knowledge is pushing the limits of Cosmos.

Wow, we are impressed! We sincerely theorize that your mind might be like the ever-expanding universe! While everyone is struggling with their everyday problems, you seem to daydream about nebulas.

This may sometimes cause you some struggle as life may seem so meaningless when you know it is so so so much bigger than us. You may ask, what is all this fighting for when we are merely a particle of dust in the massive universe?

Your curiosity breaks the space time continuum!

You look for yourself not just on Earth but also all around the universe! Research, curiosity, asking questions, and a passion for learning are a part of your character! As you stay curious, we hope that you get closer to the reality of the Cosmos. 

You open such doors in the minds of the people around you with your passion that we want to travel around your mind to discover more of it! Keep keeping on!

Keep Rocking The Earth!

You seem to say "What is space to me when the Earth is so crazy?" As long as you can stay strong on Earth and do what you need to feel awesome, who cares if you don't know what the biggest star is! But... If you get curious... Check out Cosmos: The Spacetime Odyssey, the amazing documentary.

And the answers were...

The Universe came to be 13.8 billion years ago and we as the humankind would have been on that stage only for the last 14 seconds of it. Surprisingly, only 4% of the Universe is filled with atoms. The galaxy closest to ours is Andromeda, and that crazy rocket we sent 40 years ago is currently in interstellar space. (OMG just like in the movie) Uy Scuti is the largest star. Sun is a yellow dwarf and each ray it sends in our direction takes 8 minutes to make it here.

Finally, Pulsar is a very very fast neutron star. We hope you learned at least one amazing thing today!

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