Do NOT Pluck Your Nose Hairs Unless You Have A Death Wish!


We literally have a real life-saver tip for you! No matter how much they annoy you, never, ever pluck your nose hairs. They exist to protect you and your health. Hence, plucking them may make things quite bad. Here is why and how:

Erich Voigt, an Otolaryngologist at NYU, explains why our nose hairs play a vital role for our health and why we shouldn't pluck them.

There are two types of hairs in our nose: vibrissae, the type that we know and want to get rid of, and the microscopic cilia, which are responsible for filtering mucus and moving it to the back of the nose, where it can go into the stomach (yummy!).

The task of vibrissae is to block foreign (large) objects from entering our nose.

As you can see, once these hairs are eliminated, your nose is totally susceptible to every kind of bacteria and therefore, infections.

You wouldn't want to have a microbe party in your nose, would you?

Because the vessels that carry blood to our nose joins with those that make their way up to our brain!

This means that an infection you can get because of this can reach to your noise and cause serious problems.

The worst case scenarios include meningitis and a brain abscess.

According to Voigt, although it's not likely to develop such diseases, there is also no guarantee that no such thing will happen.

And this is not the whole story: if your immune system is especially weak, you are also prone to develop many other serious diseases in the absence of your nose hairs.

We hope that the information above is powerful enough for you to stop plucking your nose hair!

We wish you a long and healthy life!

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