Can You Pass This Relationship Test?

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It’s not easy to maintain a solid relationship. With this test, we give you a chance to see if you can maintain one! Lets’ get started!!

1. Let’s start with a quick question, what do you think shouldn’t be a conversation topic for the first date?

2. Where would you take him/her on the first date?

3. What would you do if you don’t want to hurt your relationship while fighting with your partner?

4. Which one is a key aspect of a relationship?

5. Imagine you are fired, when would you tell this with your gf/bf?

6. You know sometimes we have those times that we just want to be alone, how would you tell this desire to your partner?

7. Tell us what is the thing that shouldn’t be involved in a relationship?

8. And finally, the thing that you should never forget is….

You failed!

Its clear that you don’t have enough romanticism and empathy. You don’t feel like surprising or trying to make your partner happy at all. You need to learn how to make effort in a relationship ASAP. Don’t worry, you still have time, everyone starts from somewhere, right? Maybe you haven’t met the right person who deserves you, thats why you don’t care about your current relationships. But you shouldn’t forget that if you don’t make that person feel special, you will never find the one you’re searching for. Hope you listen to our advice.

You have a chance!

Even though your relationship life is a total mess, you never gave up. We think you need a little bit more experience to have a solid relationship. Don’t get excited too fast, we are not saying that you should hang out with different people everyday. It’s just that you need to spice your relationships up a little, plus some empathy of course!! With all these combined, we believe you’ll act more wisely in your next relationship.

Almost there!

Almost there!

You are actually aware of everything that you need to do in order to have a solid relationship. You have enough experience and able to shape your life according to what is good or bad for you. The only thing is, sometimes we all need to sacrifice to make our partner happy, which is something that you never do. Our advice to you is to be more self-sacrificing, and you’ll be the king of relationships! :)

You’re the master of love!

You’re the master of love!

You are a relationship master. You are pretty knowledgeable about this whole relationship thing and we have so much to learn from you! Maintaining a good relationship is what you do the best. Romance and thoughtfulness are your things! You may not prefer to have a long-term relationship right now but you have the capacity to have one because you learn a lot from your experiences. You care about your partner’s happiness more than your own. That’s why you didn’t just pass this test but also got a certificate of honor.

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