Can You Pass This Cookery Test?

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> Can You Pass This Cookery Test?

We all love food, desserts and drinks. Most of us can cook too, at least we think. Now, we're going to check how well of a cook you are. You may be able to talk the talk but are you able to walk the walk? Take the test to find out!

1. Let's begin. First of all, what does cooking mean to you?

2. You're going to cook. How do you prepare the ingredients?

3. Which one of these isn't a cooking technique?

4. What is the name of the technique for cutting food into cubes?

5. The most important piece of equipment for a chef is the knife. Which of these doesn't have a special knife?

6. Which one of these types of rice has the highest starch rate?

7. This is an easy one for people who cook at home. Why are spices usually close to the stoves?

8. How do you think the meat has to be cooked so it can stay in its own blood and be delicious?

9. Which one of these is suitable for a microwave?

10. If you can cook pasta as well as Italians, then you know how to make them smooth. Which one of these means undercooked?

11. What does is it mean when people say ''the dough is as thick as an earlobe?''

12. Finally; is there a recipe you made up that everybody loves?

You're the best chef in the universe!

You wrote the book on being a chef! You know everything in the kitchen from a to z. It so happens that people call you instead of their moms when they have questions about the kitchen. You're a god when it comes to the kitchen and cooking. The food you cook is both delicious and healthy. It's impossible to be able to do this and not be popular. We can say you're the best when it comes to cooking!

You're as good as a mom when it comes to cooking!

Of course nobody can cook as well as moms and we have a lot to learn from them, but you've decided to take on the job and give your mom a little rest. When you started to like it, you never let it go. You just need to work on a couple things and that's it, you're almost perfect. You'll get the hang of the small details. You learn and understand really fast. Let us tell you a little secret; if you continue like this, you'll be able to cook better than your mom, but don't tell her that =)

You're enough for yourself!

You have enough cooking knowledge to feed you. You're one of those who mastered in the field of boiling an egg and making pasta. But when you think about it, you can't invite your friends over and fully feed them or you can't make them eat pasta and eggs every day. You don't like cooking all that much. Even if you have talent, you still find cooking unnecessary. You don't live to eat, you eat to live that's why you're happy as long as your stomach is full. If you're happy then we're happy = )

You have a long way to go my friend!

You came to this world only to eat. You have no idea when it comes to cooking. It seems as though you'll eat an egg with its shell still on. Your situation is like hell my friend. The reason behind this is because you're the laziest person in the world. Every time you have to go to the kitchen, you think of the struggle and give up and this causes you to order your food, which is the worst. Try to learn some basic things in case there comes a day that you need it.