Can You Pass The FBI Special Agent Test?


Suppose you want to join the FBI and need to take the entrance exam. Consider this test as preparation! Let’s see if you have the required skills to be a special agent!

What does it mean when someone is constantly touching their chin, arm and watch?

Do you have a driver’s license?

Have you ever used drugs?

Do you have any personal enemies?

Do you work out every day?

Do you think people change over time?

Some do, some don’t
No they don’t
They absolutely do

Have you ever shot a gun?

Suppose you’re being called to a murder crime scene! What would be the first thing you investigate?

Suppose you see a most wanted criminal on the street. What would you do?

Final question: What do you think this is?

Screw the FBI, you have all it takes to be a CIA agent!

You know what?? You are more suitable for the CIA!! According to your answers, you think more complexly and you’re more suitable to work for international agencies like CIA, MI6, and KGB. Because you’re not a momentary type of a person, you like to see the big picture and like to follow a process. You’re smart, fast, crafty and most importantly, secretive!!

FBI isn't your thing...

This whole special agent thing is not really your thing! All that running around, adrenaline and danger are not for you. You don’t care about those things either. The most related thing you would do is to watch FBI movies or TV series. But if you’re really consistent about getting in, you need to improve yourself a little.

You're born to be a special agent!

You are the one we we're looking for: a good decision maker, cold blooded, analytic thinker and smart as fuck! You're very careful and detail oriented. You can identify a murder with just one look at the body because your intuitive abilities are on point. You are a natural born agent!

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